Women I Admire Day 20: Julie Nowell, Canadian Chicken Lady #WomensHistoryMonth

The blogging world has become saturated AF. It’s especially tough if you’re a writer trying to make any sort of a living off your blog. Brands know bloggers are out there scraping and clawing to get paid writing, which leads to tons of competition, which leads to companies being able to low ball writers. And the cycle continues on and on. If only there was someone out there who valued creators and saw them for their actual worth.
Enter the chicken lady. Ok, she has name and it’s Julie, but I still see her as the chicken lady. No joke, Julie has chickens…like as pets. How do I know this? Well, I was once on a video meeting with her and some other people, and she had a chicken…ON HER LAP! Like just chillin like it was a cat or something! So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, nothing, but I still think it’s important to point the chickens, and we’re gonna come back to this too.
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Women I Admire Day 19: Mama Mona, Dream Chaser #WomensHistoryMonth

The idea of family is something I’ve struggled with a lot in my life. The traditional definition obviously doesn’t work fro me, because let’s be honest, who would want to claim the childhood I had? But, while I’m a huge proponent of the idea that we can choose our family, that still leaves the struggle of parents, because we can’t choose our parents. But it doesn’t hurt to have substitutes.
I’ve been lucky enough to have several adult figures during my childhood that helped fill the void of loving and supportive parents at different stages. Whether it was my grandmother while I was growing up, or even now my aunt Lara, who is the kind of mother anyone would be lucky to have. One that has stuck with me for a long time is woman simply known as Mama Mona.
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Women I Admire Day 18: Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe, Defender #WomensHistoryMonth

I was recently a guest on a podcast, and I had an amazing time. It’s called Lose the Cape Podcast for Working Moms…because, when you think of working moms, you look no further than Mike at Papa Does Preach, lol. I have been talking about starting my own podcast, and who knows, maybe I can move into the working moms niche when I get up and running.
In all seriousness, the podcast is run by Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe and her co-host Aubrey Mathis. Alexa was awesome enough to invite me on as there first ever dad guest, to talk about topics ranging from the women’s march, the day without women movement, and women’s history month, because again, when you think women’s movement, you think of this guy right here.
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Women I Admire Day 17: Tova Leigh, Video Star #WomensHistoryMonth

Remember when they said video killed the radio star? Well, these days it’s more like video killed the blogging star.
More and more people are moving towards video because people would clearly rather watch a video, that read a story. As much of a bummer as that is for traditional writers like me, it’s really opened doors from some really hilarious content creators.
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Women I Admire Day 16: Christie Organ, Humanitarian #WomensHistoryMonth

The world is in a very weird place right now. Moreover, America is in an extremely weird place; some would even say volatile and unstable. No matter where you stand on the current political climate, or administration, one thing is for sure; people are angry.
While I don’t typically discuss politics on my page, or in my writing, I think I made it perfectly clear who I didn’t want to be President. I wrote one piece for another site speaking out as a disabled veteran on how the Republican candidate was not showing even the bare minimum of respect to vets, but that’s where I left it. Obviously, the candidate I chose did not win, and that’s just the way shit goes some times. But I, like many others, were left with all this energy from pre-election. Energy that was now turning to anger or sorrow. Energy that we weren’t equipped how to use going forward. That’s why when I meet someone who is now spending that energy in positive ways, I can’t help but be inspired.
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Women I Admire Day 15: Julie Anderson, Supermodel, Icon, Author, Advocate #WomensHistoryMonth

There’s not a ton I’ll be able to brag about when my days come to an end, but one thing I can say is – I know a supermodel; other than my wife that is (whew, close call). Ok, maybe I don’k KNOW a supermodel, but close enough.
About 3 years ago, as I was just starting to get my name out there with this whole writing thing, I received a DM on Twitter from a page called Feminine Collective. We spoke back and forth for some time. They asked my opinion on their site, and we talked about maybe partnering with them one day. I even told them the hilarious/super-embarrassing story of asking my wife (on our very first date no less) what it meant to be a feminist; that’s a story for another time.
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Women I Admire Day 14: Sara Ott, My Oldest Friend #WomensHistoryMonth

A couple days ago, when I wrote about my friend Tara Wood, I mentioned the saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or forever. Then there are those who you can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how hard you try. That’s my friend Sara to a T.
Sara is my oldest friend…literally. She’s old AF yo! But seeing as our birthday’s are exactly a week a part, and as she loves to remind me every year mine come first, which means I’m older than her for one week each year. That makes me old AF too.
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Women I Admire Day 13: Jen Mann, Throat Puncher #WomensHistoryMonth

Like many of you, my first experience with the hilarious Jen Mann was her brilliant post about the Elf on Shelf and the overachieving moms that come along with that damn thing. This now famous post of hers came out right as I was dipping my toes back into writing again, as well as anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son. I was automatically nerd-smitten with this lady.
After the arrival of Ferris I followed Jen even closer as she wrote at great length about douchey dads, annoying overachieving moms, her husband’s odd idiosyncrasies, and the ever growing list of people she wanted to punch in the throat. Seeing how I spend most days thinking the same thing about most people, Jen quickly became my writing idol, as I wish I had the stories and the comedic acumen to describe my distaste for mankind only the way she does.
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Women I Admire Day 12: Tara Wood, Writer #WomensHistoryMonth

It’s said that people come into your life fitting into 3 different categories; reason, season or forever. No matter where my friend Tara ends up falling, I’m already super thankful she’s there.
Like many of my online friends, Tara and I have never met. And, much like many of my online friends, Tara is downright hilarious. Tara is the writer and creator of the awesome blog Love Morning Wood. See, how can you not love someone who makes an in-your-face erection pun as her blog name.
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Women I Admire Day 11: Holly Jackson The Lamplighter #WomensHistoryMonth

When the Wife and I moved to the DC area 10 years ago, we had no friends. We knew absolutely no one, minus her sister who lives about 45 minutes away.
Shortly after getting all settled, we joined a church in the area that fit our belief structure, had a good mix in their community, and was relevantly close to our apartment. One summer Sunday we got invited to a house warming party for another couple that is close to our age, and lived in the same community as us.
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