Bonding With Your Kids Through Toys

If you’re a parent – and you probably are if you’re reading this, then you’ve become well-acquainted with clutter. And depending the amount of monsters…er, kids, you having living in your home, the stress from clutter can feel like a mild annoyance, to the lost chapters of Dante’s Inferno, where you’re sentenced to an eternity of never-ending, soul-sucking labor; cleaning up after all of Hades children, and you’re forced to walk barefoot over legos and listen to Caillou on a loop.

Something like that…

Organizing is all the rage right now, due to a sweet woman named Marie Kondo, and her show on Netflix, Tiding Up. In the show, Marie simply asks you to ask yourself, Does this bring me joy? And if the answer is not an instant YES, you throw it away. I have to be honest, I haven’t been able to fully commit to this process; mainly because throwing your children out is generally frowned upon here in America, so….

Calm down! I’m only kidding…you can totally throw them away.

Let’s be honest; most of the clutter in our homes are from toys, and it feels like it grows by the minute. This is always the worst time of year, for growing clutter, around my house, because my son is one of those lucky kids who has a birthday the month after Christmas. And while nothing would bring me more joy than watching my kid’s faces as I throw away every last toy they have; I’ve found an alternative solution. Not necessarily better, but different.

Play with your kids. I know…I know…that was probably the last thing you expected to hear from me, but I’m serious; play with them. Get them toys YOU like; that way spending time with them is a bit more bearable. So, here are some toys I suggest…because duh, it’s about me!


The great arch nemesis of parents, and feet everywhere. I know, it’s a scary idea, but it’s totally worth it. Last year I got my son into Legos. I love building Legos, and have found that since my divorce, building Lego sets has become a fun form of therapy.

We initially started with Lego Ninjago sets, as he was really into the cartoon…and still is. But since then he’s joined me in liking the Marvel Super Hero sets; mostly from the latest Avengers: Infinity War sets.

Building Lego sets helps not only with creativity, but it also keeps kids from having idle hands, being bored, as well as problem solving. Plus, we’ve had some of our funniest/best talks while building Lego sets. By far, his two favorites are the Hulkbuster and the Guardians of the Galaxy Ship.

Remote Controlled Vehicles

According to, remote-controlled vehicles have always been fun, and can be enjoyed by both parents and child alike. No, it might not be your first choice of activity, but it can be a lot of fun, especially if there’s another purpose to piloting your RC vehicle. With the popularity of drones on the rise, both parents and kid can enjoy flying them around while also taking aerial photos.

Just, don’t be one of those people that flies it near an airport; shutting everything down for travelers. Don’t be that guy!

Interactive Video Game Consoles

This has been one of my most favorite developments in my son recently; his desire to play video games with me. For the first 5 years or so of his life, he really didn’t care much about them, and as a video game nut, it kind of bummed me out. But now, he’s all about it.

Companies like Nintendo did a fantastic job of opening up the video game market to more people. No longer are video games seen as a waste of time that only teenage boys were using, but now they are something that could potentially appeal to everyone.

Want to move around more with your kids but too cold to go outside? Then things like the Nintendo Switch might be the perfect solution. With the Switch, you can play a variety of action-oriented games along with your kids and unleash your competitive spirit.

Model Kits

Model airplanes, boats, and trains all appeal to kids. But often they don’t have the fine motor control and dexterity to build them, let alone the patience. And, much like the Lego sets above, kids need a bit of encouragement and assistance from dad. Just try not to get so stressed out you start huffing the glue.

Building a model can provide numerous benefits for your kids. Not only do they learn about perseverance, but they also gain spatial and artistic insight. Children have to work out which parts go where, and how to paint them so that they look good. Unless you’re anything like me, and you’re painting talent looks more like a toddler threw food against the wall.

Okay, so rollerblades might be a bit 90s for today’s tastes, but there’s no doubt that they’re a lot of fun, and overlooked by the modern market. But hey, every trend swings back around eventually. You and your kids can bring rollerblades back into fashion. Just think, you and your kids will be seen as trend-setters while sporting your elbow pads and helmets…or quite possibly, as complete dorks. Either way, it’s a great way to get out with your kids, promote exercise, and hope to everything holy, you don’t end up with a broken bone.

Good luck!!!

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