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The film Star Wars turned thirty-eight this year. And as someone who grew up as part of the Star Wars generation, I find it pretty cool that after almost four decades the cinematic adventure, that takes place in a galaxy far far away, is not only still relevant, but booming. Of course, some of that shine wears off when I realize that I too am almost four decades old.
I was born in 1978, one year after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released into theaters. I can remember going to the theater as a kid to see Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and it was as close to life altering experience as a 6 year old can have.
And with Episode VII: The Force Awakens due out this December, I can’t wait to share the love of the Force with my son. Of course, he’s still a bit young to really appreciate it right now, but his time will come.
I grew up wishing I could be Luke Skywalker. I wanted to be a Jedi. As long as I have loved Star Wars and all it’s glory, it wasn’t until I had a child of my own that I realized how closely the story lines from my favorite childhood movies would parallel what it was like to be a parent.
The battle that’s waged between the Empire and the Rebels is not unlike the everyday struggle between parent and toddler, just on a micro level. I never wished I had Jedi powers more than I do now as a parent. I wish I could levitate objects with my mind; sure would make cleaning up after my kid much easier. But most of all I wish I had the Jedi mind trick ability, because it would prove most useful when it comes to trying to get my son to brush his teeth every night.
My son has now reached the age where brushing his teeth needs to be a daily habit, however, he would disagree. Every morning and every night before bed we have the same battle with him. So while I don’t have the ability to Jedi mind trick my into brushing his teeth at least I know I can distract him enough to make him think that oral hygiene can be fun. How’s that you’re wondering?
Introducing the Lightsaber Toothbrush from Firefly.
The good people at Firefly® sent me some of there new Lightsaber toothbrushes to try out with my son, and I’ll tell you what, he loved them. Of course, he was more interested in the watching them light up and imitating the voices of Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi, but hey, I’ll take anything over the usual tanturms and whining. Below is information from their press release
Firefly®, the leader in children’s oral care solutions, designed the new toothbrush to look and sound just like a lightsaber from the Star Wars films. Featuring flashing lights, sound effects, and voices from popular characters, this brush will help transform brush time into playtime so parents no longer have to pull a Jedi mind trick to get kids to brush their teeth!
The new Firefly® Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush is available in two characters – Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader – giving fans the option of choosing the light side or the dark side. The toothbrushes light up with the press of a button for 60 seconds, along with light saber sounds and character voices. This  entertains and helps guide little ones so they know just how long to brush each row of teeth as they fight to keep the dark side of cavities away.
The Firefly® Lightsaber toothbrush comes with a no-mess protective cap that covers and shields the lightsaber brush from lurking bathroom countertop debris, and also helps keep the bathroom clean.”
As an added bonus, they gave me a few extra pair to give away to my awesome readers. If your child is a fan of Star Wars, or you’re a parent struggling with your own oral hygiene battle with your kid, or heck, even if YOU really love Star Wars and want a couple of these toothbrushes for yourself, email me at with Firefly Star Wars Toothbrush in the subject. Tell me why you want to win, and I will pick 3 winners at random, and announce the winners on Tuesday June 30, 2015.
But the fun doesn’t stop there. To celebrate bringing galactic fun to kids as they develop healthy habits, Firefly® has launched a Brush Battle Sweepstakes on the brand’s Facebook page. Now through June 30, 2015, parents may enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for four to an awesome theme park in California and check out the new Star Wars themed area.  See the Facebook page for more details.
For more information about Firefly®, including where to find the new Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush, visit  Be sure to join the conversation with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your #BrushBattle stories!
Disclaimer: I received free product to try before writing this post. However; all views, statements and opinions are my own.


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