New Year; New You…Same Old Headache

Well, this is it. We’re still alive, and we’ve reached a place not many thought we would…the end of the 2018.

I’ve had a very…interesting 2018. I’ve experienced many of my highest highs, and lowest lows in 2018; it’s been no smooth ride, I can tell you that. In fact; if I could described my 2018 in one word, it would be – headache.

That’s right; headache. Raising two kids under 7, trying to hold together, and eventually failing at, a dying marriage, turning 40 this year…alone. My year has felt like one big, roller coaster, with every dip, drop and loop imaginable. Stuff like that gives me motion sickness, and just thinking about it is bringing on an anxiety migraine.

That’s why you need to take of yourself in the new year. And nooooo! This isn’t going to be some corny, Eat, Pray, Love yourself in 2019 post you see all over the internet right now.

Did you know that it’s estimated that, each year, 38 million people suffer from migraines; and of those 38, 2-3 million are chronic headaches? And while I can’t say all 38 million people are parents, I’d bet everything I have, those 2-3 million are .

And while you’ve spent your last 31 days of 2018, managing your headaches by self-medicating; eating girl scout cookies you’ve been hiding since last year; along with your stash of box wine, all while hiding in your closet, hoping to avoid your children, in-laws, your ex, your ex in-laws, still your children, the weird cousin who says really inappropriate things at every holiday gathering, your aunts who ask every personal question possible as to remind you how lonely, and crushing life is at the holidays, and that you turned 40 this year…and of course; last but not least – your children.

Look, I don’t judge how people take care of themselves. To each their own. But, while your plan above sounds great…and, pretty tasty if I do say so; you really need a better plan to deal with headaches in 2019. Let’s face it; those stressers aren’t going anywhere.

Not all headaches are the same. Which means, not all over the counter pain relievers work the same, or target the same area, or work as effectively, if you don’t know what type of headache you’re having.

That’s why it’s always good to know where to look for information on such things. The people over at have got you covered. They created a really comprehensive, and easy to use checklist you can create; personalized to your type of headache.

So, whether it’s a simple pain reliever needed for a tension headache, because your sinus cavity is acting like a giant d-bag…much like your children all month, or something stronger, because your mother/father in law is criticizing you for what feels like the millionth time this month; the KnowYourOTC check list will let you know just what you need for the best relief. Ok…maybe not for the last example; that’s pretty much what the stash of sweets and alcohol in your closet get-away are for.

We’re literally, less than 24 hours away from making it, people. Just think, the headache you’re dealing with right now, is the last one you’ll have to deal with in 2018. Unfortunately; they will almost certainly extend into the first headache of 2019.

Sooooo….yeah. As per usual, I give useless advise. But, at least my friends at KnowYourOTC are much more helpful.

I’m a blogging ambassador for the CHPA Educational Foundation’s KnowYourOTCs program but guess what: all opinions are mine!


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