Memorial Day: A Day of Rememberance

Memorial Day: A Day of Rememberance


We’ve come to another Memorial Day.

This is one of the military holidays; like many veterans still alive, I struggle with them most. This is *the day*…the day we saw fit to say thank you. Not to the veterans who have some home from their service…no no, that’s Veteran’s Day. No, today we say thank you, to those who never returned from their service.

Thank you to the brave men and women; or more accurately, the memories of those brave men and women, that made the ultimate sacrifice. To the soldiers that have died on the field of battle, or in the pursuit of freedom.

Freedoms most Americans use to spend today being thankful…for a day off of work, drinking beer, watching sports, and BBQing in the nice weather. Not to mention, knowing very little about what today really means.

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