Women I Admire Day 10: The Ladies of Totally Profesh #WomensHistoryMonth

I’ve been in the social media/blog game for a hot minute. And no matter how many times we say it, or how many other creators you meet and even become friends with, we still see each other as competition.
Even as you grow in audience size or become for recognizable to brands, that doesn’t always take that feeling away either…not completely that is. Content creators haven’t have an example to follow, or someone to show us really how to not compare ourselves. That is until now.

Late in 2016, two well-established creators came together to form a place for other creators to come. A digital speakeasy if you will; a place to ask questions, share ideas, learn from one another, boost each other up, hold each other accountable, maybe network a little, and then top it all of with a heaping pile of affirmation, with some motivation sprinkles. Those creators are Amy Bellgardt from Mom Sparks and Jessi Sanfilippo from SHUGGILIPPO.
Amy and Jessi are veterans of the blogging world for well over a decade now. Both started off as mom bloggers, and eventually transitioned their content to become more diverse over several large platforms.
Amy, who started her blog in 2010, invested heavily into growing her blog/brand  so much, that just a short 7 years later, it has 3 staff writers, allowed Amy to form an offshoot media company where she has worked with several large brands for online campaigns, and covers a wide array of topics from recipes and blogging advice, to parenting, travel, and even humanitarian efforts.

Jessi is the creator of SHUGGILIPPO, or as she describes is, “Sounds like ‘hug a hippo.'” You might know Jessi from any number of places you’ve probably seen her online. She’s a regular on Buzzfeed videos, as well as an award winning YouTuber where she hosted a weekly show called Answerin’ Stuff from 2014 to 2016, along with a number of other short form shows like her Like A Mofo  series. A number of Jessi’s videos have gone viral; most noticeably her mashup of moms dancing to Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Even JT was feeling the mom vibe. See???

Amy and Jessi, who not only work together, but are also self-proclaimed best friends, decided they wanted share everything they’ve learned over the past decade spent in content creation with all those wanting to learn, and Totally Profesh was born. In just a short 6 months, nearly 1,600 of the best and brightest content creators on the internet have come and joined the Totally Profesh crowd, to not only learn, but to share just as much.
Amy and Jessi share weekly tips and tricks on refining your brand, reaching out to companies, and even self-care tips, because let’s face it, content creation can be a major grind, and can really wear you out.
In a time where the internet seems to be flooded with content creators, brands trying to get creators to overproduce while being underpaid, and creators can feel like everyone around them as competition, Amy and Jessi are instead literally being the tide that raises all ships, showing there is plenty of room on the internet for all of us, while still finding our unique voice. And that’s why I admire the ladies of Totally Profesh
If you’re interested in joining the Totally Profesh crowd, find them over on Facebook. And don’t forget to follow Amy and Jessi all over the internet; you might even learn a thing or two.

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