Women I Admire Day 17: Tova Leigh, Video Star #WomensHistoryMonth

Remember when they said video killed the radio star? Well, these days it’s more like video killed the blogging star.
More and more people are moving towards video because people would clearly rather watch a video, that read a story. As much of a bummer as that is for traditional writers like me, it’s really opened doors from some really hilarious content creators.

One of those creators is my friend Tova Leigh, a writer, video artist, resident of the UK, and creator of Tova Leigh – My Thoughts about stuff. I met Tova a little over a year ago when she reached out to me on my page about advice on how to be seen by more people. It’s almost laughable now, because in less than a year,her following on Facebook as gone from around 1 thousand to just about 350K. You’re welcome!!! Lol, I only wish I could take credit for that, but to be honest, I knew Tova was on the verge of a break out, because her content was, and still is, hilarious.
I’ve met a ton of mom/women bloggers, and I have to say Tova is one of my favorite. While I enjoy all of her hilarious videos or funny writing, it’s when she posts her more serious, personal content, that I enjoy the most. Tova has posted several articles talking about topics like her fear of not making it through labor because of pre-eclampsia, to issues such as c-section shaming by others, body image issues for women, or the seemingly never ending topic of mommy shaming.

As The Notorious BIG once said, “The more money you make, the more problems you get,” and the same cane be said for content creators online. The bigger you get, and the more people see you and share your stuff, the haters and trolls will find you. Tova has had her fair share haters. Most are men, but that’s typical  these days, as some men just can’t accept that female creators are funnier than them. She gets a lot of push back from guys saying she’s being mean to dads, or hating on men, but last time I checked, the guy she’s married to is both a man AND dad, and he thinks her jokes are hilarious, and so do I. Lighten up dudes!
I’ve watched over the last year as Tova has gone from wondering where she could fit into this world of online creators, to taking it by storm.
As Tova’s audience has grown, as has her influence online, she has done an amazing job cultivating a community designed around not only uplifting moms, but lifting up women as a whole, all while leaving space to make fun of herself, laugh and have a good time.
The issues women face as part of a patriarchal society are happening every day, all over the world. Society needs more women like Tova, who aren’t afraid to stand up and speak out, and with a little dash of telling people to pull the stick out of their ass and laugh a little. And that’s Tova to a T; a little bit “in your face” and a little bit “lighten the fuck up.”
And that’s why I admire my friend Tova.

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