Women I Admire Day 23: Brooke Takhar, Conquering Fear With Laughter #WomensHistoryMonth

Fear is a natural part of life for most people. Sure, some people have more fears than others; fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear of clowns…because FUCK CLOWNS!! Hell, when you become a parent your fears grow 3 sizes, like they’re the Grinch’s heart or something. But while most of the these fears can be fixed or subsided by realizing that everything is going to be okay, there’s one kind of fear that can literally stop you in your tracks; stunt your growth in a number of areas (personally, professionally, emotionally) – the fear of failure.
As a creative person, I know this fear well; most, if not all creative people do. Being creative is mix wanting to be seen, but afraid of not being good enough. But, what if we didn’t do that? What if we weren’t afraid to put ourselves out there, or be afraid of being judged? What if we just took a leap, and trusted in ourselves?

My friend Brooke Takhar did just that recently. Brooke is an amazing freelance writer, and the creator of the awesome blog missteenussr.com, and she resides in Canada. You all know how I feel about Canadians and all their awesomeness. Even before we became connected in the blogging world and on social media, I had been following Brooke for a while. Not like that…don’t make everything so creepy you guys! I had been following her writing, geez! I would see other friends share her post, so I gave them a read, and they were always some of the best writing I ever read. One of my personal favorites is a post Brooke wrote about her dear friend Sarah. It has always made me think about my friends and hit me right in the feels.
On top of being an amazing writer, Brooke is one of the funniest people I’ve met online. Her wit and timing are impeccable, and her references are always well placed. To put it simply, she’s hilarious. So, what does this all gave to do with fear?
Brooke recently opened up on her page and in groups we’re both in that she has been in a bit of a funk recently, and the motivation to be creative just isn’t there, and thus the writing suffers. I can relate. I’m inching closer to 40 (as is Brooke), and there are many days I look at this blog, or my Facebook page, and wonder what the hell am I even doing. Is this shit even worth it? Am I just wasting my time? Can I be more, or is this as good as it gets? And that’s where fear creeps in.
We ask ourselves these internal questions all the time, and unfortunately, it’s that fear  that keeps us from trying to grow, from trying to be something more than we see ourselves.
Brooke recently decided she wasn’t going to be held down any longer. 5 weeks ago Brooke signed up for a class to be a stand up comic. The goal, was to do a 5 minute set of jokes. And last night was the night. What I would have given to be able to fly up to Canada for the day and see her set; it would have been awesome. I was so excited for her all day yesterday, and got even more excited when I saw her post this GIF before the show last night:

I knew she was gonna kill it. I just hopped she believed in herself as much as we believe in her.
From all account, and everything I read, she absolutely nailed it last night, and did an amazing job. Just like I knew she would. But, all of that could have had been derailed if she let her fear of failure get the better of her? What if she let fear convince her that she wasn’t going to be any good, or that she could never be that funny?
Luckily she didn’t let that happen. She published an awesome status update today were beautifully summed of why being afraid is a wast of time by saying, “Everything you are scared of is bullshit, friends. I did this.”
I admire Brooke for chasing her dream. For being at her most vulnerable, and putting herself on display for a the world to see. I admire her for knowing that she wanted to be something more.
But most of all, I admire my friend Brooke for not letting fear win. Far too often we let fear be the deciding factor in whether we take the safe route in life, or throw cation to the wind and live in the moment.
And this is why I admire Brooke.

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