Women I Admire Day 26: Kristina Hammer, The Angrivated Poet #WomensHistoryMonth

Poetry is one of the aspect of the literary/writing world that I have never gotten the hang of. Shit, let’s be honest, I barely have a handle on writing as it is. But, during my time spent in the blogging world, I have met some writers that create some of the most beautiful poetry. So good that I would rather hear than recite a poem that just came up with, than a blog post they have been stewing on or a while. And that’s in no way a knock on their writing; their poetry is just that good.
Maybe my lack of poetic understanding is why life has always seemed so unfair to me. They say life is poetic, and I guess if I understood that more, or how to tap into that world I wouldn’t have such a harsh outlook on life. But then…then I think about some of the people I’ve become acquainted with over the last few years. The kind of people that you hear about the roller coaster that is their life; the struggles they’ve have lived, and then listen to their outlook on life, and you might find yourself thinking, This person is crazy! But, wasn’t the same said about many of the greats?

My friend Kristina isn’t crazy, although I’m sure there are many days she feels like she’s on her way there. A stay at home mom of 4 kids, Kristina can attest how quickly her children drive her to the brink of insanity; that is if her husband doesn’t get her there first. When her children and spouse are making her “Angrivated” (combination of angry and aggravated, obviously), you can find her writing on her blog named, what else; The Angrivated Mom.
Of all the poetry inclined people I’ve met over the last few years, Kristina comes the closest to living the life of a modern day poet. Words danced in her head from a very young age; words that would eventually foster the mindset that society and their rules didn’t understand her…nor did the authority figures she would entangle with in the years to come. And what ride through a turbulent adolescence and young adulthood would be complete without a couple of road dawgs like depression and heroin. The kind of companions that once you give them a ride, they don’t ever want to leave.
Kristina has covered her battle with both drug addiction, and her struggles with mental health…like I said, a true poet. Her willingness to not only speak her truth, but do so in a raw and real manner, pulls you in as reader, almost to the point you feel like you’re the one who experienced those highs…and many lows.
But, it’s not just her writing that makes Kristina amazing; she’s also an amazing person. She’s a good friend, and helpful and supportive confidant, and as talented as she is, someone who is truly humble.
Her writing has been featured all over the internet, and she is featured weekly on several of those websites. But even for all her success and amazing talent, she still reaches to other writers (like me) and sheepishly asks us to read something she just wrote, but isn’t sure it’s any good…when OF COURSE IT’S GOOD!!
I admire Kristina for her talent, for her heart that is probably made of nothing but words and poems, and for he sheer will and determination to escape the grasp of he snake (aka heroin). But most of all, I admire her for her desire to be seen, to be heard, and her strength to tell not only life, but those around her, “I’m not done. I’m still here. And I will not be ignored.”

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