Women I Admire Day 27: Deva Dalporto, Queen of the Mom Parody #WomensHistoryMonth

When friends without children ask to describe what it’s like having kids (why you would ever ask this, I have no idea), I tell them, “Raising kids is very much like listening to the music on the radio today; it sucks!” Ok, it doesn’t just suck. Sometimes it can be fun, and who knows, after a while you might even grow to like it. Oh, and it’s really fun when you can make fun of it. Of course I’m talking about the music; the kids still suck.
If you spend even one minute on social media; and let’s face it, if you’re a red blooded human being, you’re on there most of your day like everyone else, you’ve seen at least one video doing a parody of a song you know. And most likely, it’s parents doing it – moms to be more specific.

My friend Deva is the Queen of those videos. Deva started out as a blogger at first, and is the creator of MyLifeSuckers, but she quickly realized, before many of us, that soon, video would be the one to rule them all. And boy has she taken advantage.
Deva has become one of the shining stars of YouTube, with the tune of nearly 128,000 subscribers. Yes, I realize there are plenty of YouTube channels that have millions of subs, but Deva has found a way to make a big impact by carving out her own niche – she’s the mom that makes fun of music. Chances are, you’ve seen one of her videos:
Like this one with almost 8 million views

or this one, with closing in on 5 million views

Well, certainly you’ve seen this one. I mean come on, 4 million views AND it makes fun of Iggy Azalea. How can you “not” love that?

I had a chance to meet Deva face to face last summer at BlogU16. We have been online friends for a while, but it’s always a treat to finally meet someone in person. I took her class in how to get into video. She gave us a ton of information; I’m not sure I retained even 25%, but what I do remember is how honest she was. She didn’t sugarcoat anything. Deva told us video, while awesome if you do it right, was hard. Brands are going to want top-notch material for the money they are willing to spend. This means buying expensive equipment, and possibly hiring people to help with the filming/editing process. But if you can pull it off, and do a good job, brands will line up to work with you. But success also comes with a dangerous downside.
One of Deva’s more popular videos of 2016 was a parody of twenty one pilots Stressed Out. Personally, I found it hilarious, but apparently the emo kids didn’t agree with our parent humor POV, especially if it was coming at their expense. Deva received tons of hate mail over this video; even some going as far as threatening her and her family’s safety. When she told us this at the conference, you could see some people’s faces go a bit white, but hey, like she said, she was just being honest. I’m going to share the video below so you can tell me what you think…and because, FUCK THE TROLLS. Especially the trolls come in the form of whiny emo kids.

Luckily, while scary, the hate Deva received, and still does on other videos, hasn’t broken her or discouraged her from continuing to make content. Selfishly, because it benefits us creators. You see, Deva has always been amazing at offering help to other creators.
As I mentioned earlier, Deva and I have been connected on social media for a couple years now. We first met in a private group we’re both part of; a group of fellow meme creators. We came together to share each other’s work, but also inform each other of other pages who steal our work, or chop off our watermarks and claim our work as their own. Sites like Facebook are of little help when it comes to dealing with content thieves, but having friends like Deva, friends that “know people” who can help, people past the red tape and automated replies, friends that understand where the little creator is coming from and is all too happy to help.
I admire Deva for her obvious amazing talent, her determination to not let angry internet trolls steal her passion for creating great content, but most of all I admire Deva for, being as popular and known as she is, still looking out for smaller creators (like myself), and for making sure we always remember to not undervalue ourselves and remember what we’re worth…something she did for me just this week. Thank you Deva!

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