15 Months and Runnin’

Well, clearly I am still struggling with being more “regular” when it comes to blogging. But hey, it’s really hard to do anything, let alone sit down for time to myself and think of a topic to blog on with a baby around. Especially now that he’s in full-on-toddler-mode.
So, in an effort to seem like I am actually keeping up with this thing, I decided to totally bite the style of a friend of mine who is embarking on the same kind of blogging-about-your-munchkin journey as I am; and she’s clearly better at it than I am. Now, instead of trying to come up with 3 pages worth of witty material to talk about, instead I’m going to just hit you with the stats and highlights. Think of it as a toddler version of Sports Center; you get all the info without actually having to sit through any of the “game.” (P.S. In no way am I insinuating that raising a toddler is a game….it’s not a game…..I repeat, IT….IS NOT….A GAME!!!)
Well Booger, your Mom and I took you to your 15 month checkup yesterday, and your doctor was impressed with how much you’ve developed since she saw you last (12 months checkup). You walked all around the room flirting with everyone; which is your normal M.O. when you’re around groups of people (your mother will tell you that’s your Dad in you).
Your growth seems to be taking a different course as your weight gain has slowed over the past 3-6 months, but you’re clearly still growing because your height is still going at a steady pace. You checked in at almost 23 lbs. and 31.5 inches tall. One piece of awesome news (especially for your big-headed Daddy) is that your body seems to have finally caught with your big ole dome-piece. Your Mom and I were wondering if you were just going to forever look like you had an orange on a toothpick for a head and neck, lol.

What’s New with You:
Like I mentioned in the intro, you’re in full on toddler mode homie, and your parents are feeling every moment of it!! That switch seemed to flip the second you blew out your candles on your birthday cake. You apparently decided that throwing fits was the best way to expedite your needs…thanks for that btw. But, even with all the fussiness, so many new things are happening with you; and all at once, no wonder you’re a bit frustrated.
After hearing your Dad drone on and on about you not walking yet, and fretting that other kids were passing you by (literally), you just stood up and walked one day…and you haven’t stopped since. The look on your face was priceless when you did too; it screamed, “Shut up Dad!! I do what I want, when I want!!” Yes you do buddy, yes you do, lol. More proof of that happened on the day you, your Mom and I moved (more on this in a few).  You headed straight for the stairs in our new home and proceeded to climb 3 flights like you were old hat at it. Needless to say, your Mother and I were taken aback at first, then quickly pulled back to reality by the realization that we needed to quickly invest in some baby gates.
Learning, learning, learning:
Aside from the walking and climbing all over everything, you’ve been doing all sorts of new activities, and your Mother and I love watching you. Just to name a few, while you’re still really into destroying things, you’ve started picking things up and placing them in new spots. Sometimes they even end up where they’re supposed to go…but most times, not so much, lol. You’ve also taken to clapping, a lot. You’ve clapped here and there since probably around 10 months of age, but now you do it all the time, especially when you’re dancing to music….

Boy do you love music. You’re such a silly boy when you dance.
pic4 photo
It looks like you’re jumping on the “getting in shape” bandwagon with Mommy and Daddy. Good form buddy!!
These are the moments to remember:
This month has been jammed packed with so many memories buddy. Like I said earlier, you had so much going on, no wonder you were a bit fussy. But, you handled some big moments in stride; you’re becoming such a big boy now.
We moved into a new house!! Mommy and Daddy were determined to get a house for you to grow up in, and we did. Daddy was just as excited as you, because he grew up in apartments when he was little. We love that you are digging the new house…..
pic6 pic5
….especially since there is SOOOO much space for you to play with all your toys now.
We all went for a walk around our new neighborhood and you tried the slide for the first time….you LOVED it. WEEEEE!!

You even went to the flower market with Mom and Dad for a morning stroll. You liked all the flowers!
We went to a BBQ at Mommy and Daddy’s gym, where you met and played with all the nice people. We found out you’re a natural at the game corn hole, lol.
You got all dressed up for your blessing at church. You looked so handsome!
On the Menu:
Mom and Dad seem to still be trying to get a lock on what you want to eat, as you change on us at a rapid pace still. One day you will like an item, and the next you chuck it across the room (one of your lesser cute qualities). But, we discovered you dig on cornbread. You saw Mommy and Daddy eating it and insisted on trying, and you loved it. We also found you dig chicken-noodle soup…who knew?!?
Climbing the stairs, pulling clothes out of the drawers and placing them in other places, walking all over the place.
You haven’t shown anything new on the dislike list, however; you seem to express your general displeasure quite a bit. You went through a HUGE “Daddy is not allowed to leave the room” phase this last month, which, while touching, made moving a touch difficult.
You had some visitors this month. Grammie came down and helped Mommy and Daddy move into the new house. You two had a lot of fun. Also, your Aunt Julie hung out with you a bunch, and even brought her friends Nicole and Ed over for the move too. At the end of March we went to a cool get together with all the babies born from your birth class. It was so much fun seeing all the babies and how big you all have gotten. And of course, you had a few hangouts with your good buddy FG.
You’re growing up so fast buddy.  Mommy and Daddy can barely believe the big boy you’ve become.


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