17 Month Check-In


What’s New:

In the brief time I have been writing these updates, as well as any other blog I have written, I don’t think I have found a photo more fitting to describe the tone of the article as I have with the above photo.  Boy, this has been a rough month for all 3 of us; and you sir are the main reason why.  So much so, look how late I am posting this update!  I mean, I know I can slack off and be lazy quite a bit, but bro, I nearly didn’t post at all.  Then, I toyed with the idea of saying, “The update for this month is that we let him live; that is all.”

I guess if the above photo tells us anything that is new about you; it’s that you hate the grass.  Why, we have no idea, but we found out real fast one day.

Learning, Learning, Learning:

So, on a positive note, you have shown some pretty cool skill-development this past month.  And who knows; maybe this is why you’re so cranky, because you’ve got so much going on in your head, and you can’t express yourself.

2You’re starting to figure things out.  It’s pretty cool to watch you develop problem solving skills.  Like when you stacked 3-5 blocks for the first time recently; or when you where stacking cups inside one another and you figured out some cups were smaller/bigger, and the order they needed to be in.

3Ok, so you don’t get it 100% of the time, but at least you’re trying.


One thing you do really enjoy is taking off your shoes.  It doesn’t matter where, either – at home, in the car, out in public, if the shoes are on, there is a good chance they are coming off soon.  I have to admit, it’s pretty cute.  And it’s cool now that if I say, “Hey Buddy, can you take off your shoes in the house,” you sit down and promptly pull them off.

Moments to Remember:

So even though we stayed pretty quiet this past month, we were able to still do some fun stuff.  Like….well, you and Dad got some good ole quality time together for about 4 days while Mom went up to New Hampshire to visit your new Cutie Patootie cousin.  You’ll get to meet her very soon when we visit.

One pretty awesome day was the day we took you to the Zoo for the first time.  It’s kind of a shame, but Mom and Dad have lived here in D.C. for 5 years now and it was our first time going too.  But, on the other hand getting to experience that for the first time, all together was kind of cool.  The Zoo was cool.  I mean, it’s no San Diego Zoo, but it will do.

5You were showing Mom and Dad what exhibits you wanted to see.

8 6

You really loved the Sea Lion exhibit.  That’s one of Dad’s favorites too!

7You were all tuckered out at the end of the day.  It’s hard work having fun.


We shared another Father’s day together, and we all had a good time. Mommy made me the coolest gift.  She went onto Facebook and downloaded every status and picture I posted about you in the first year, and made it into a book.  Daddy was very touched by this gift.  It was awesome to be able to flip through the pages and watch you grow and change.

10You came to the MMA gym Dad attends, and celebrated its 1st anniversary at a big party.  Everyone just loves you.

On The Menu:

Not much has changed this month.  You’re still really into chicken noodle soup, but that’s about it.  You seem to have this habit of not wanting anything, and then throwing it on the floor.


11You love playing outside; except on the grass….as we mentioned before.


Being silly with Mom is always fun

And of course you love laying down some sweet beats and having a dance party.


Pretty much everything.  At any given time this could be your face:

13And this happens about 100 times a day, at least.


Not a lot of adventures this month, Buddy.  We visited some friends, some friends visited us.  You got to hang with your favorite Aunt Julie, and you always love that.  I have to say bro, your Mom and Dad are the ones that really had the adventure this past month.  Dealing with a disgruntled toddler is no picnic.  But, like always, your Mom and Dad suck it up, take a deep breath and say we will just try again tomorrow.  It doesn’t hurt that we have “grown up” things to help us get by…..like these:

14 15Alright Buddy, see you on the next go around.


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