18 Month Check-In

IMAG0632What’s New:
Wow buddy, I can’t believe you’re 18 months old!  I mean, how has it been a year and a half already since you were born?!?  Time is sure ticking away fast.  I know Dad is being a little over-dramatic, but I can’t help it as I watch you grow before my very eyes.  Ok ok, onto what we came here for…..
Well, this month was a marked improvement over last moth.  While you’re still having some “attitude issues,” you were in a far better mood overall.  We embarked on our first family road trip, and while your Mom and I were really nervous about how you would be in a car for 8+ hours a day, you completely surprised both of us by being a complete stud.  Heck, you did better than Mom and Dad; well, at least better than Dad who lost his cool a few times with idiot drivers.
Learning, Leaning, Learning:
We spent a good deal of time at several children’s museums on our road trip.  Your Mom and I are quickly learning these places are great for pit stops along the way, and it gives you something to do to burn up some of that energy.  Plus, you really seem to enjoy learning and playing.
P1020515Here you are outside the children’s museum in Philly.  We all had such a great time.  Definitely the best museum so far.
P1020507You couldn’t wait to get downstairs and start reorganizing the kitchen……
IMAG0699…..just like you do at home
You’ve learned a few new words this month.  While “NO!!” is still your favorite thing to say, you’ve started saying words like, “bubble,” “door” and “ball.”  You also do the “moooo” sound whenever Mommy asks you what a cow says; and it’s over the moon adorable.  I think your most precious skill this month, is the refined kiss you give us now.  No more open mouth, sloppy kisses against our face.  Now, they are pursed lips kisses, and they’re cute.
Moments To Remember:
This, buddy, will probably be the bulk of this blog. because there was so many awesome memories from this past month.  As usual, you spent some good ole QT with your #1 fan, Aunty J!
IMG_1244 IMAG0553You two sure do have a blast together……
IMAG0565…..that is until Aunty J punched you in the face! Just kidding, Mom and Dad just got lucky with this pic, lol
IMAG0634You had such a blast playing in the water on our vacation.  Mom and Dad are so happy you have become such a water baby. Certainly has made swim class a whole lot easier.
IMAG0637 IMG_1347 You got to meet your cousin Cutie-Patootie.  Boy is she ever a cutie pie.
IMG_1364 P1020592You earned your sea-legs on our trip too.
P1020622 Probably the best part of the trip was that you got to spend some awesome quality time with Grammie and Grampy.  They loved hanging out with you so much.
On The Menu:
Chicken noodle soup was still the big winner this month. Although, you did change it up a bit when you preferred eating hot dogs while they were in your soup.  Mom and I just called it Hot Dog Noddle Soup.  Hey, whatever gets you to eat I guess.
IMAG0695You did however enjoy a brief stint with beef ravioli.  Boy was that a mess.
We also discovered a new treat you just happen to be nuts about……
…..and that treat is
P1020564ICE CREAM!!!  We were convinced you would only eat a little bit…
P1020575But boy were we wrong!!  You ate most of Daddy’s, and then went after Mommy’s too.  You’re silly kiddo.
IMAG0627Your love for dismantling everything and spreading it all over the place has not diminished at all.
IMG_1380 IMG_1381You really love poking around in other people’s garbage….no seriously, you always head straight for the trash can at other people’s houses.  What’s that all about??
IMAG0687 IMAG0688As I said earlier, you really love the water now.  So much so that Daddy can’t even water the plants without you getting all soaked.  Something tells me you’re going to be a “run through the sprinklers” kind of kid too.
IMG_1367But most of all, your Mother and I were pleased to see that you have developed an enjoyment for spending some quiet time, reading a book…..in the nude.
Nothing new this month.  You still hate being told “NO!” by us, even though you say it repeatedly to us.
Well buddy, we had a great time on our trip.  You were such a good boy.  Mom and Dad really needed this vacation, and you certainly made it enjoyable.
P1020522 P1020534You were certainly spreading the love around…
P1020539 P1020541And look how well rested Mom and Dad look.
It was a pretty awesome month with you kiddo.  I still can’t believe you are only 6 months away from being 2 years old.  If 18 months went by this fast, I feel like 6 more months are going to go by in a blink of an eye.  But at least, while the time is flying by, it has always been packed full of some kind of fun or adventure.  You certainly do keep us on our toes kiddo….
IMAG0694….especially with looks like this, lol.  Your Mom and I know you will always keep us busy.  I love you kiddo.
– Dad