myCharge Giveaway: I Went to BlogU15 and Almost Killed my Phone

Two weeks ago I attended BlogU15 in Baltimore, MD. This was the second year of BlogU and I was over-the-moon excited to be coming back. I was excited to see friends I made last year, and even more excited to see all the new faces that would be attending this year.

When going to a conference such as BlogU, there’s bound to be a staff member or other blogger who puts out a, “What Should I Bring to a Blogging Conference” post. And while I love all the information on media kits, business cards, and crafting a snazzy elevator pitch, at the end of the day there’s only one item I REALLY need to make sure I have in order to have a successful weekend – my phone.

That’s right, my good ole cell phone. My cell phone is my link to everything I need when dealing in the blogging world. Do I follow you on Facebook? Let me get out my phone and check…BOOM, I do now! What an awesome quote from this teacher, I should put it out to all my followers…BANG, tweeted! You want to hear something funny I’ve written in the past…POW, let me just pull up my blog! My phone was definitely going to be put to the test over the weekend, and so was its battery.

While at a conference like BlogU, you’re always on the move. Going from class to class, or socializing with friends, you’re obviously taking lots of pictures and video. All of this activity means you will most likely have little-to-no time to charge your phone, and a dead battery is an absolute no-go.

That’s why I knew this was the perfect opportunity to give my new All Terrain portable charger from myCharge a true test run. Its description: A military grade charger designed to withstand the toughest job sites as well as the great outdoors and features a built-in USB port. With a 2.1A output it is the perfect portable charger for smartphones or other USB devices. It delivers 22 extra hours of talk time for your phone.


I wasn’t so concerned about the extra talk time, as all the talking I was going to be doing would be face-to-face. My main concern was ensuring that I was linked to all of my adoring fans, via all the social media apps on my phone, and staying readily accessible. Well let me tell you, the All Terrain did not let me down. Got a ton of use. I pushed that bad boy to the limit, and just when I thought it was going to pass out on me, I plugged it in and asked for some more. I ran that phone ragged, but because of my All Terrain from myCharge, it never quit.

Wow, I think I just did to my phone what my son does to me every weekend.

And the charger doesn’t just stop at phones either. On the second day of the conference I forgot to recharge my Chromebook the night before, so halfway through the day it was running on fumes, and I still had plenty of classes to attend and notes to take. I plugged my All Terrain into my laptop, which kept it functioning through the final sessions, and I didn’t miss a single note.

Overall a fantastic time was had at BlogU15 this year. But it was even more awesome knowing I had access to my phone and was able to capture all the amazing moments from the conference, all thanks to myCharge. I even took a bunch of video in the hopes that maybe I could get off my rear end and make my first ever Papa Does Preach video for all of you.

As thanks for talking about how much I love myCharge, the good people over there have even given me an extra charger to give away to one of my fans. So – if you need a military-grade phone charger that won’t break if one of your kids gets their grubby little hands on it, then leave a comment on this blog and I will pick one winner at random on Friday June 19, 2015. Hey, maybe there’s a dad in your life who could use this. Father’s Day is coming up, after all!

Now, if myCharge could get around to finding a way to hook parents of toddlers up to a charger, I would really appreciate it, because my son is wearing me out!

Disclaimer: I received free product from myCharge to review for this post


24 thoughts on “myCharge Giveaway: I Went to BlogU15 and Almost Killed my Phone

  1. So glad you had fun at this year’s BlogU! Thanks to the connections you’ve made there, I’ve found some
    great new bloggers to follow. 🙂

  2. This would be awesome. As I have a phone with more memory capacity, I have found myself using just it on planes, when travelling for work. This would make my life much easier.

  3. Oooo I’m so jealous you went to BlogU. I wanted so badly to be there to see you all again.
    And seriously, I almost wet my pants when I read “Wow, I think I just did to my phone what my son does to me every weekend” Because – TRUTH!!!

    I’m so glad you had the chance to go, can’t wait for Next Year — AFM is BACK my Friend .. BACK!

  4. I use a large clunky Anker dual charger. It gives me about 4-5 full charges on my phone, but I can also use it to charge anything that attaches to a charger through USB. The newer ones are less clunky, more sleek. I am hoping to eventually replace it with something with a little less heft, but same charging power.

  5. I always enjoy your sharing. Not only do you make me laugh, you encourage out of the box thinking. (hoping that phrase didn’t suck you into a Disney tune….loved that show!) I am just excited that while I’m home (at my mum’s house in Nikiski, Alaska), she has the internet and I can use wifi. Last year, that wasn’t possible and I drove around finding hot spots!

  6. Love reading your blog…so glad I followed the link I’d love to win the mycharge for myself I’m always out running around & my phone can’t keep up with me as well as 2 kids & running my own business from home 🙂 whew! this momma needs a break lol 🙂

  7. Oh hey, I’ll enter! Gonna be on the road a lot soon, where I have a tendency to remember to plug my phone in only after I’ve let it run completely dry streaming Pandora to the car’s speakers.

  8. My husband would love this charger. He works on commission, and spends a lot of his “time off” answering emails, and researching the latest in car audio products so that he is already well informed about what he will be selling to his customers before it hits the shelves.

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