This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: A Book Review

When parents are expecting a child, there are literally a metric shit-ton of books on the market that can (supposedly) answer every and any question new parents may have. I’m serious, books on everything what to expect (literally a book title right there), from how to feed you kid, solve sleep problems, discipline, fostering brain function, on and on.
But, in my honest opinion, I wouldn’t recommend any of those books to anyone. Why, because they talk at you, not to you. For my money, I want to hear some Dick or Jane who’s been there; in the trenches, hanging onto their last piece of sanity, hoping, wishing, praying, bed time comes soon. Like a grizzled battle-weary soldier…I want someone who was in the shit…literally and figuratively.
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Being A Parent Does Not Make You A Hero

iI’m sure by now, even non-sports fans, have heard the news about (possibly former) MLB first baseman Adam LaRoche saying he is taking a leave of absence from his current team (Chicago White Sox) and deciding on whether he’s going to retire.
Why would he do this mid-spring training, where the White Sox are having a productive camp; in a hotly contested division they could easily win; leaving possibly $13 million of guaranteed money on the table? What could bring about such madness?!? The club asked him to dial back the amount of time LaRoche brought his son (Drake, 14yo) around the club house.
Wait, what?!?
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