Lost in Familiarity with #TheNewKia

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” ~ Henry David Thoreau

A friend once told me, “The problem with self discovery, is all the self you discover.” At the time, I can remember internally scoffing at, what I perceived as a lame attempt to sound deep; sort of chuckling a little and answering with my go-to “throw away comment” of, “Yeah, I hear ya.”
I turns out, I did not hear her at all, because I’m literally living that saying, right now. Or, maybe it’s the complete opposite. Maybe I’m not discovering much self at all, because I feel lost.

For the past 18 months (give or take), I’ve been on a vision quest of sorts…well, a half-assed vision quest at best. No, I’m not looking to wrestle some kid for the state championship, or anything like that.
Shout out to all my 80’s kids who get that movie reference.

But trying to discover who I am. Where I fit in this world. Basically trying to figure if I’ve done anything noteworthy, or of much significance. Or, am I just another brick in the wall. Whoa…that got a little to deep there for a second.

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