24 Month Check-In: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

IMAG0457Well buddy the inevitable finally happened.  As much as Dad has been saying he can’t believe this day was coming, you had your second birthday.  Something tells me your Mom and Dad are going to feel this way every years as you get old.  I just can’t believe you’re 2 years old already.  I feel like you just came home with us from the hospital after being born; so small, so fragile, and now you’re talking and laughing and running (literally) all over the place.
Your birthday weekend was such fun celebration of life and happiness.  So many people wished you a happy birthday; it made your Dad really smile to know you already have so many people in your life who love you so much and want to be apart of your celebrations.
grampyThe birthday week started off with a visit from your Grampy!  You were so excited to see your buddy, especially when he introduced you to the world of bubbles, and a new snack called cheddar flavored popcorn.  Your Grampy spoils you so much.
im 2At your 2 year doctor’s appointment you weighted in at 26.5 lbs, and were measured at 33 inches long (2 ft. 9 in).  Your doctor said you are right on track for where you should.  The doctor was really impressed with your level of communication skills.  She said you are talking at near a 2.5 year old.  Which surprised your Dad.  Just goes to show you Dad needs to chill out some on his expectations.
Your birthday landed on a Friday this year so Mommy and Daddy surprised you with a treat on our way to daycare….
IMAG0439DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!  Your favorite
IMAG0437You tried real hard to convince Mom and Dad to buy you your own coffee mug, but we just don’t feel it’s time quite yet.
The celebrations continued once the day was done and we all were home for the yet.  Mom made you cupcakes for your birthday.  She even made enough for you to bring and share with your whole daycare group.
b2But…when we tried to sing Happy Birthday to you, you were anything but.  Oh well, we’ll try again next year.
presentsThe evening was not a total loss as your mood improved when you opened all your presents.
bikeLike a cool big-boy bike from Grammie and Grampy.
party1The next was the big party day.  Mommy and Daddy’s friend were super nice and let us use their gym to have your party, and you loved it.
So many of your friends came….
party2party3 party4 party5 party6 party7And they all had a great time too.
party8 party9 party10But no one had more fun that the guest of honor; you.
It was such a blast to watch you run around and have a great time with everybody.
party13And how could we top the fun and excitement of the day before?  Well a boat-load of more presents is a great place to start.
It was a wonderful birthday week filled with love and celebration.  As I watched you buzz around the room at your party, interacting with everyone at the party, I couldn’t believe what a little person you’re becoming.  You continue to surprise me as develop your own personality and mannerisms.  I don’t think I’ll ever get use to you getting older and growing up.  Welcome to year #3 my son; your Mom and Dad love you so much, and are very proud to call you our son.  We love you.


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