Women I Admire Day 16: Christie Organ, Humanitarian #WomensHistoryMonth

The world is in a very weird place right now. Moreover, America is in an extremely weird place; some would even say volatile and unstable. No matter where you stand on the current political climate, or administration, one thing is for sure; people are angry.

While I don’t typically discuss politics on my page, or in my writing, I think I made it perfectly clear who I didn’t want to be President. I wrote one piece for another site speaking out as a disabled veteran on how the Republican candidate was not showing even the bare minimum of respect to vets, but that’s where I left it. Obviously, the candidate I chose did not win, and that’s just the way shit goes some times. But I, like many others, were left with all this energy from pre-election. Energy that was now turning to anger or sorrow. Energy that we weren’t equipped how to use going forward. That’s why when I meet someone who is now spending that energy in positive ways, I can’t help but be inspired.
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Women I Admire Day 3: My Friend Audrey Hayworth #WomensHistoryMonth

I have come to realize that I don’t always do a good job telling people what they mean to me, or how I see them. In my head I convince myself that they clearly know, because we’re connected. But, of course in this day and age of social media, connection doesn’t mean that same as it did even 10 years ago. This is something I plan to work on.

But this isn’t about me…this about someone hearing what they mean to me, and it’s long overdue.
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With Liberty and Justice…FOR ALL


Below is a post I wrote almost 6 years ago for a different blog, so excuse the dated references and crappy grammar. I wrote this upon the announcement of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. This is my favorite story to tell when people ask what it was like being in the military. I always think about the friends I made, and the close relationship I built during those years…with all of my battle buddies, Black, White, Latino, straight, and gay. I wanted all my friends to know how important they are to me, but this story was meant for one man in particular who was a very dear friend while I served, and still is to this very day. Nothing will ever change the fact that these men and women were, are, and always will be my family. So, on this Veterans Day, I share this story with you.
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Dear Men, We Need to Stop Saying, “Not All Men”

By now, I’m certain you’ve heard the recent offensive and demeaning comments made by Donald Trump. Oh, I’m sorry, I know that was vague, what, with that kind of thing being a daily occurrence now.

Of course, I’m referencing the comments made on audio from an appearance on Access Hollywood in 2005, where Mr. Trump bragged about trying to sleep with a married woman, and went on to admit being a celebrity allows certain privileges; one being sexual assault against women.
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