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When I’m not wrangling my crazy kids, or complaining how sleep deprived I am on Facebook and Twitter, I’m probably checking my email, ignoring those same kids…you know, the important things in life.  I love interacting with all my readers.  If you ever want to get in contact with me to discuss any of my writings, tell me what a bone-head I am, tell me your story, heap loving praise upon me (I DESERVE IT DAMMIT!!!), or if you want to send me free stuff, or even review a product, here is where you can find me:


Snail Mail:

Mike Cruse
Papa Does Preach
6312 Seven Corners Center Box #399
Falls Church, VA 22044


2 thoughts on “Contact The Papa

  1. I have never even heard of the scarymommy website and, from the sounds of it, am glad of it. Thank you for your post. As a woman, I am also disgusted by the way men are stereotyped. On tv shows such as “Everybody loves raymond,” men are shown to be morons. I refuse to watch any show or listen to any propaganda that puts anyone in that box. If all men were black, it would be discrimination. If a man tells a blonde joke, it’s sexist. When will it quit? I have two sons who were both present when their daughters were born. They are both awesome dads, and I’m extremely proud of both of them. My other granddaughter’s father, however, is a deadbeat. That’s a whole different story and certainly not the norm. I hope your post goes viral. It needs to.

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