Ferris is California Dreaming

I simply cannot wait for Ferris to get old enough so I can explain to him how lucky he is in his roots.  The boy has no idea right now, but he has the best of both worlds in his blood…thanks to his awesome parents (shameless parent-plug, lol).
The Wife is from, and grew up in the New England area (Boston).  I have had the opportunity to visit the area many times, and to tell you the truth, I love the area.  New England is so beautiful, and it is all around a stark contrast to where I grew up (we’ll get there in a min).

New England has all 4 seasons every year; some longer than others.  It is so nice in the Spring (all 3 weeks of it, lol), but the Fall is probably my favorite.  The foliage is nice, and the weather is just starting to get a bit cooler than usual, or as the Wife calls it, “Puffy Vest weather.”  The woman loves her puffy vests, I swear.
Of course the summers are overly warm, but it is far more tolerable than the ungodly heat and humidity we suffer through every year in D.C.  So for all this niceness there is still a steep price to pay; and in New England that price is known as Winter.  The winters seriously suck a-hole in New England.  Hell, it is so damn cold if you go outside during the winter in New England your a-hole will pucker up so fast to try and not lose any of the remaining body heat you have, that you may not see it for a few months.  Again, in stark contrast to where I am from.

butt-clenching cold…that’s what it is

So where is Ferris’ Dad from you might be thinking?  Heaven; that’s where…also known as San Diego, CA.  The reason I said the seasons of New England are in stark contrast to where I am from is because we only have one season in San Diego, and that’s the season of Awesome.  I bet you didn’t know Awesome was an actual season, but it is.  Go visit San Diego and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  It’s like a secret season, much like our beloved In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast has a secret menu.
That’s it people! That’s all you need in a menu. You don’t have to complicate awesomeness…..just let it happen. Greatest burgers IN THE WORLD!!

I’m dead-serious people; the weather in San Diego is nothing short of perfect.  You may pine for the changes in season, but all I have to say about that is celebrating Christmas in shorts and flip-flops is pretty cool.  And don’t even try and drop that “Dreaming of a White Christmas” stuff, because to that I must remind of the origins of that song…it was written by Irving Berlin while he was kicking in L.A. on a beautiful, sunny, December day.  That’s why the song says “dreaming” and not “experiencing,” lol.
All day, every day

Anyway, I am digressing like crazy over here.  The reason why I’m babbling on about this is because the Wife and I recently took Ferris on his first trip.  For some reason we had the insane  notion that at barely 5 months Ferris was more than ready for his first plane ride, and what better destination to test this theory than a trip to San Diego, CA.  That’s right, we decided to take a 5 month old who can barely muster up enough happiness to not fuss for about 2 hours a day, on a non-stop 6 hour flight across country.  What could go wrong, right?
To be fair, the trip wasn’t actually born out of a masochistic idea to cause ourselves utter grief, but actually because my bro was getting married, and I was in the wedding party.  So, I “had” to be there, and the Wife wanted to come along too, and since we heard that people kind of frown upon leaving your kid locked in a kennel for a week, we decided to bring the almost 18 lbs ball of fury with us.  So just to clarify on kennels; dogs yes, kids no…trust me, we checked.
The Boy has no idea how close this almost became a reality….damn child-endangerment laws
I believe it is fair to say the days leading up to the trip the Wife and I started getting less and less sleep as our attitudes changed from, “This is going to be fun, taking Ferris to San Diego.  We can show him all around where we first met, and where his Dad grew up.  And, we can introduce him to all his Aunts and Uncles in CA,” to something more along the lines of, “WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING!?!?!?  He’s going to be a monster on the plane.  People are going to try and throw us off the plane because he won’t stop crying.  How are we going to adjust his sleep schedule???”
I’m guessing at this point you probably think I am being completely irrational in my way of thinking.  Probably something like, “Goodness this guy complains a lot.  How difficult could this kid actually be?”  To that I say come on over sometime, the Wife and I could use a break to step out, but then I’m afraid the experience may permanently cause you to forsake the idea of having children, lol.
I know I make it sound like dealing with Ferris is nothing short of soul shattering pain, but please know 90% of this is said in jest….but he can be a very difficult baby at times, especially when he goes through one of his fussy-phases (which he is in right now).  The Wife and I drove ourselves crazy reading all kinds of horror stories about babies whose sleep is all thrown off by cross-country travel, and seeing how he is already a spotty sleeper, it scared us to death.  But, then the boy goes and does something that just catches you off guard and surprises you.
I am already a nervous flyer…hell, let’s be honest, I’m nervous in general.  I’m the guy who gets super antsy in crowds of any kind.  To quote one of my favorite movies, Clerks, “You hate crowds!  I know, but I love gatherings; isn’t it ironic.” So basically the airport is one of my most loved and loathed locations of all time.  The obsessive people-watcher in me is in heaven whenever I am there, but the nervous/agitated person is going crazy, and the latter is usually the one that wins.  So to have the boy and the threat of a baby-meltdown with us was putting me on major tilt.  And that in turn put the Wife on edge because she could see the ticking time bomb that is her husband.
You know this kid did at the airport?  Nothing, that’s what; he just chilled.  It was completely unlike him.  I think we completely underestimated his fascination with “new things” that we were in awe as he did not fuss once during the whole process.  He usually does not tolerate being strapped to either one of our chests for very long, but this kid just hung out for like 2 hours while we did everything from checking in at the ticket counter, to going through security and eventually waiting at the gate.  Security was another example of bizarre-world; everyone there was so helpful.  Security is usually one of my most feared areas in the airport as they are usually super-rude – but not this time.
And it didn’t stop there either.  Ferris was super well-behaved on the entire flight out to San Diego; he even slept for a good chunk, which we were convinced was not going to happen.  The kid was having such a good time being “well-behaved” that he just kept the whole thing going all the way up to arriving at the house we were staying at in San Diego.  Even after we landed in SD, it was a miracle he remained calm through getting our bags, getting the rental car, and then driving to our lodgings.  But the cherry on top of this entire trip was that Ferris’ sleep schedule never got messed up once.  The boy adjusted coming and going beautifully.
Honestly, I believe somewhere in his newly developing mind there is a far better understanding for what’s “actually” going on than we give him credit for.  I’m willing to bet he took one look at us in our nervous state of panic and said to himself, “This might be the thing that makes my parents jump off a cliff.  So, since I’m pretty fond of them, I’m going to play it cool and give these poor saps a break for once.  But, when we get back from this trip…it’s on like Donkey Kong.”
I guess I should talk about our time in San Diego, even if just for a little bit.  The trip was a lot of fun, and well-needed for me and the Wife.  It felt so good to visit home and see my friends.  It also felt pretty cool to introduce our son to our friends and family who are still out there.  Ferris was obviously the star attraction.  When I wasn’t tied down with wedding activities the Wife and I tried to take Ferris to some of our favorite spots in San Diego; none more important (at least to the Wife, that is) than the beach.  Ironically, the Wife isn’t even from San Diego (as I am) and she LOVES the beach.  I’m kind of indifferent to it…crowds and all.  Anyway, Ferris looked awesome in his beach gear.  The next trip out there will be even better as Ferris will be quite a bit older and we won’t be so beholden to being somewhere where he can nap so frequently.
Ferris will be taking another trip come September when we head to the Wife’s home of Boston.  This is one lucky boy, having parents from 2 really awesome cities.  We can’t wait to show him around Boston too.
Ferris was such a champ the entire trip, which was a load off for his Mother and Father.   Looks like it’s never too early to feel the effects the laid back life-style of good ole San Diego.  The boy was born in Virginia, but he’s clearly a California boy.
No matter where I go, this where my roots will always be


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