How To Be The Best Dad You Can Be

Some people get to be a dad because of chance; others are fathers by choice. No matter the circumstance that guides you to the your new path, the journey of fatherhood become a dad it is an amazing privilege, as it will be filled with tremendous moments of joy and inspiration. But, it is, at the same time a tremendous responsibility, because that same path will be filled with scary moments and times of uncertainty. In fact, it may seem overwhelming at times – some (like me), might even say, most of the time, but your role as a father is to be the best dad you can be. That may sound or feel daunting, but I assure you….it is! It’s also totally worth it, and you can do it with simple steps.

Protecting your kids from everything that could harm them may seem like an impossible task, especially in this online digital world. However, it is one of the critical roles of a father. Of course, it’s crucial to not only safeguard them from bad things but also teach them the right way to behave and to make decisions, so they can grow up to be responsible and mature adults as well. This means at some point we have to begin to allow them to make their own mistakes and deal with the consequences this brings, something that can be very tough for a father. Although, being there for them unconditionally while this happening is probably of the most powerful things that you can do to.

Another key role of a dad is to provide for their children regarding basics such as a safe and warm home, clothes, food, and any other of the basic essentials needed in life. When you all live together as a single family unit, this tends to be a lot easier. After all, you are pooling your money for the good of everyone, and you can directly see the impact that your hard work and sacrifices make. But, when you’re a single dad, like me; providing those same basic essentials becomes a bit more important, and much more difficult.
When the family is no longer a single unit, living in the same space, it can be harder to provide the financial support that they need, especially if you have your own separate responsibilities to tend to as well. Despite this, providing financially for your kids is of the most importance.

While providing money to support your kids is essential, it’s not the only thing that they need. In fact, an emotional connection with your sons and daughters is also hugely valuable. What this means is that you take the time to listen to them, to their wants and needs, and opinions, and make an effort to engage in activities they enjoy as well.

Of course, if you’re a dad that is not living with your children everyday, this also means it is important to understand visitation rights for fathers so you can see your kids as often as possible. Maintaining, and fostering an emotional connection with your children is of the most importance as a father. The more time you are able to spend with your children; invest in them and their growth; the strong your relationship with them will be.

Lastly; to be the best dad you can be you will need to inspire your kids. You can do this by being the example; be the role model they deserve. By living your life in the most positive way possible. That may sound easier said than done, and some times it is, but even if you struggle; live your truth. Show your children that even their hero-dad stumbles, cries, hurts, feels. But more importantly, he keeps moving forward, and keeps loving.

After all, you will be the single most important male influence in their early lives so you will want to be the best dad you can be for their sake now, and for development in the future.

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