How to Get Your Kids to Care About the Environment

With climate change, political turmoil, and the seemingly endless list of problems in the world today, many parents hope to raise a younger generation who will eventually lead with more compassion and responsibility. Ultimately, that starts with getting children to care first.

Some parents might opt to shelter their kids instead and raise them in some Peppa Pig Fantasy world, but what good would that do? From a young age, it’s important that they are aware of the realities of the world. That way, they will grow up to be the human beings that the world actually needs.

As responsible parents and guardians, it’s also our duty to ensure that the world is left in better hands. It’s a tough mess to clean up, but it’s the least that we can do. Here are some tips to get started.


Instead of letting your kids pluck flowers and other pretty plants for fun, why not have them plant some instead? Gardening, while allowing them to connect with nature, can teach your kids values such as patience and responsibility as well. Thames & Kosmos sells experimental planting kits that help kids learn about the various aspects of planting such as sunlight, water, and ventilation, and why each one is important. The kit comes with three varieties of plants: beans, cress, and zinnia flowers so that aspiring gardeners can learner about the different needs of each plant. Of course, you could also just grab some seeds from your neighborhood shop and start digging.

Get a Pet

The environment isn’t limited to trees, rivers, and your surrounding greenery. If you can afford one, a pet can be a wonderful addition to your family. An article on Romper outlines the many ways a pet can benefit your kids — from relieving stress to teaching them to be a little less self-centered.

Nature Walks

A walk is a simple way to encourage your kids to appreciate the outdoors. Unfortunately, it may be a little tricky to get them to put down their video games — especially when you’re dealing with digitally native kids who may not know what the sky looks like away from a screen. Therefore, you should make it as easy and comfortable for them as possible. These Kids Revolution shoes from Nike are very popular among parents, thanks to their kid-friendly Velcro fasteners and secure cushioning. That way, your kids won’t complain about aching, tired feet. For smaller children, iCandy’s tandem strollers allow parents to push two children at once. Not only are the strollers built to withstand pretty much any terrain; they will give parents the added bonus of a workout along the way. It’s a win/win situation.


For something a little more adventurous, your kids can get acquainted with nature through a camping vacation. But beyond the campfire songs and s’mores, this particular activity can also teach your kids to survive with the bare essentials. Moreover, it’ll teach them the value of keeping their environment clean. After all, no one wants to camp on a dirty campsite. Check out my previous post on Papa Does Preach; for some dad-approved camping hacks while you’re at it.

Childhood is the perfect time to encourage your offspring to start caring about the world around them, as this is the age where their innate curiosity is at its finest. Find the best method that piques your children’s interest, and take it as an opportunity to have some quality family time too.


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