#ISleepTo Simply Keep Up With My Kid: Beautyrest Sponsored Post

You know how parents love to tell their kids how they should love sleep more, and how much they’re going to miss it when they’re older? I have always been that person; from day 1, I have always loved sleep.
I was never a super active kid growing up, unless you count my imagination. That thing was on overdrive during my entire youth. I wasn’t the kid that was into sports, or running around all day long climbing trees and getting into mischief. I was pretty content just hanging out, and as I got older, more sedentary things, like video games became my go-to activities. What can I say, I love to be lazy.

When I eventually got older, and moved into my own place; I was just as excited as everyone else who has gone through that right of passage. But unlike the young adults who are excited about having their own space, which means they can do whatever they want, come and go as they please, and stay out all hours of the night; I was excited because having my own space meant I could “NOT” do anything I didn’t want to.
I could sleep in for as long as I wanted. I could lay around and do nothing. I could not go anywhere, and “NOT” do anything. Naps were about as much as I had to worry about. Sure, it may sound like a boring life, but, as an introvert, it was AWESOME to me, and I was good at it; I was a pro and being lazy. I was king of doing nothing. But the thing I loved the most – I was never tired. Rest and I were the best of friends.
But then I met a young lady, and we eventually started spending a lot more time together. This started to cut into my do nothing time.  As we saw more and more of each other, my old friend Naps and I started seeing each other less and less. I even started feeling…tired every now and again.
Fast forward a few years. We got married, which meant more responsibilities, and in turn, less sleep. But then we made a choice that would effect my sleep for many years to come – we had a kid. Not once, but twice. I don’t even know what sleep is anymore. I haven’t seen a nap in years, and as for being lazy…HA, you can forget about it. Oh, and crew twist of fate, my kids could not be any different than I was as a kid; they have boundless energy.
That’s why I on the rare occasion I “DO” actually get some sleep, #ISleepTo just keep up with my kids. I’m tired all the time now. Seeing how my kid’s sleep schedule is so unpredictable from day to day, I need to find a way to maximize the free time I “do” have to get the best rest possible.
That’s why I was super excited when I was asked if I wanted to team up with Beautyrest use their Sleeptracker monitor to analyse my sleep patterns, and make the most of my time asleep, so I can be well rested, and ready for my kids to drain me all over again.
The other cool part here is I’m competing against a bunch of other dad bloggers to see who improves their sleep. Now THIS is the kind of competition I can get behind; see who sleeps best. The winner will be chosen by Beautyrest as the dad who improved his sleep the most, and get a prize. But, I’m gonna tell you what, just getting to go to sleep, uninterrupted, is prize enough for me.
The great thing about the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is that it consists of a small processor, two light sensors that go between your mattress and foundation/frame (in case someone else in bed wants to analyze their lack of sleep too), and pairs with an app on your phone. That’s it. No more invasive wearable items, that might contribute to keeping you up at night, and the with theSleeptracker app, I can take a closer look at the things keeping me up at night. It also offers personalized, easy-to-implement insights to help me make the most of my time asleep.
Do yourself a favor and get the Sleeptracker monitor from Beautyrest, and take back your sleep habits…ok, maybe some of your sleep habits.
Don’t forget to check out Beautyrest on all of their website, and  social media channels, like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.
I have partnered with Life of Dad and Beautyrest for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.


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