Papa Does Preach 2015: A Year in Review

2015 happy new year design art
Well, we’ve come to the end of another year. And boy was 2015 a doozy for your old pal Papa. I would love to do a top 10 or even 15 posts of 2015, but I clearly don’t blog enough for all that. So, instead, I give you my top 5 favorite things from 2015.
I can honestly say that over this last year, blogging consumed my life. You wouldn’t know it with how little I write, but each day of 2015 was filled with something that had to do with the PDP brand (i.e. blog post or social media update)…well, minus those 3 days over July 4th weekend when the Wife convinced me to go to some remote cabin out in West Virginia where there was no WiFi…and NO CELL SERVICE!! I was convinced for a moment she was going to kill me and leave my body out there, but then I remembered she refuses to be left alone with Ferris.

I think the shirt perfectly expresses how I felt about being in West Virginia

#5 – Papa Hit the Conference Circuit
I attended two conferences in 2015, and they were both amazing.
In February I attended my first Dad 2.0 conference. The 4th annual meeting on all things dad. This year it was held out in San Francisco, CA. I had such an amazing time meeting so many other dads/bloggers, and talking fatherhood. Even with all the overwhelming feelings of friendship and brotherhood of fatherhood felt that weekend, there was also a noticeable feel of of something missing as well. The undisputed, and beloved leader of the dad blogging community, Oren Miller, was unable to attend the conference this year due to his continued battle with stage 4 lung cancer. We lost our amazing leader less than a week after the conference. He will be forever missed by more people than he could ever imagine.
OrenI’m looking forward to attending Dad 2.0 again 2016, this time in my backyard, Washington DC.
In June I once again made the brave journey to Baltimore, MD to attend BlogU for the second year. Why so brave; well, once again I was at a conference where I stuck out like a sore thumb. Last year I was the only guy at the conference, surrounded by over 100 ladies. At least this year there were 2 more guys there. Just like last year, I learned so much at the conference, and had an amazing time hanging out with so many of my awesome blogger friends.
#4 – Papa Got in the Meme Game
I have really enjoyed making memes this year. It’s been a great new tool to express some creativity…when talking about my son, who is also a tool. Here are a few of my person favorites from 2015:

#3 – Someone Actually Mistook Me For Some Kind of Expert
In February I was interviewed by the Washington Post for an article about fatherhood. Along with the article they did a video featuring yours truly.

#2 – I’m in a Book Y’all!!!
Even more exciting than actually getting paid for my writing this year, was that I was published for the first time. Sure, I enjoyed talking about my weight loss journey with Stouffers, my break up with cable, and even cooking with kid for Flatout, but finding out I was going to not only be in the book Dads Behaving Dadly 2, but I was going to be featured on the cover was arguably the highlight of my year.
#1 – My Scribblings…When I Actually Get Around to Writing
As I said earlier, I certainly don’t write as much as I should. But, even for all the whining I do, I’m pretty proud of the posts I’ve been put out this year. Here are my 3 favorite posts from this year:

3: Let’s be honest, I’ve always known I was an asshole

asshole2: A letter to a friend

stand1: The post that went viral…pun intended

wpid-2015-02-08-20.58.38.jpg.jpegBonus Choice – All of You

I know I said it was a top 5 list, but…hey, this is my blog and I do what I want (I learned that from my son)! I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the real #1 awesome thing this past year, and that’s all of you. Every single one of you who read, laugh, share, or even shake your head at my nonsense. We started this year with a little over 2000 people hanging out over on our Facebook Page (and I mean “our” because it belongs to all of us), and we’re closing out the year with almost 7300! I was blown away when I had 100 people following my nonsense, and continued to be amazed the more we grow. I can’t wait to see where we go in 2016.

P.S. – I can’t forget to mention all my awesome blogger friends. They have been my rock this year. You all inspire me every day!



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