Steppin' Up My Meme Game

I’m always looking for new ways to expand this little blog of mine. And while I fancy myself a pretty creative guy, there are plenty of times I just ain’t got nothin’ in the ol’ noggin (How much do you love my double negative here? You’re welcome) to put out for all tens of my loyal readers.
So I reached out to some fellow blog friends, and suggested in get in the meme-making game saying, “Hey, people love shit they can look at.” He’s eloquent like that. But he was right.  How many times a day do we all see some funny picture or a someEcard and think, “That’s hilarious, I wish I could do that.” Well guess what, you can, and I did.
I couldn’t decide which of my many hilarious jokes over the last year (ok, more like 2 or 3) I should use for my inaugural meme. There’s no take-backs. Only one shot at the first time; had to make it count. But of course, as Ferris always does, he was making tons of noise and bugging the shit out of me while I was trying to concentrate. My head started pounding and I lamented how much it reminded me of my younger days and all the hangovers I experienced. And BANG….just like that the idea came to me. The first meme was born:


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