Hidden Gems Even Marie Kondo Shouldn’t Make You Throw Out Of Kids Bedrooms

Hidden Gems Even Marie Kondo Shouldn’t Make You Throw Out Of Kids Bedrooms

As any parent can tell you – walking into your child’s bedroom, is usually the last thing you ever want to do. To venture into your child’s room, is to put your own life at risk. Think of it like walking into Chernobyl, without a hazmat suit. In fact, if you have kids, you should own a hazmat suit…and boots, with extra padding; one never knows where the next minefield of arch-destroying legos will pop up.

To put it simply – kids are disgusting. And forget about them EVER cleaning up, or ever throwing away a toy; no matter how broken and never-played-with it may be. It’s just not a thing in there world. Parents, since the beginning of time, have been resigned to wait, until their spawn leave the home. Then…take a blowtorch and a bag of lye to their children’s former dwelling. That is, until recently.

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Cleaning the House Just Became Mission Dadpossible With #AquavertClean

Look, I understand that we all love our kids. But let’s get real for a second here…can we?
Kids ruin everything!

From the moment the arrive, it’s like they’re on a mission to destroy. First, they destroy your sleep patterns, with all the crying and whining, and wanting to eat and stuff…ugh!! Then, they become mobile and ruin any sense of relaxation you may think you still had, because NOW you have to *literally* watch them every second of the day, or they just might crawl off and put something in their mouth, that they shouldn’t, sending you into a full-blown panic, causing you to shove their head under a sink, essentially waterboarding your child…or so I’ve heard.

But it’s when they get past that stage, and reach the next one, that they really become the destructive beasts we all know them to be. That’s right, toddlerhood to pre-teen is when kids are at their worst. Why, you might be wondering? Because kids are dirty, germ-carrying, factories of yuck, and they walk around your house touching everything, and rubbing their nose all over stuff, completely missing the toilet , even while sitting on it (how is that even possible?!?). It’s enough to make any parent throw their hands up in their air, and just give up. Read more