A Dad's Take on the Mom Blogging Controversy

I’d like to paint you a picture. Imagine a kid walks into a room. And let’s say this room is a meeting place for some kind of activity they’re a part of (i.e. a club, debate team, sports team etc). And let’s say the kid is frustrated, and just over it, and wants to be done with said group, so they decide to quit. Ok, no problem…but what if they took it one step further?
Imagine that same kid, so frustrated (for whatever reason) that they not only quit, but as he/she is walking out the door, they turn around to tell everyone still involved, “HEY!! I’m outta here! And you all FUCKING SUCK and should quit too because you’re wasting your time!” I’m pretty confident in saying that as parents, we would be mortified. The parents of the kids still involved would be upset, and I’m pretty sure the parents of the kid leaving wouldn’t be happy either, stressing that’s not how they raised them to act.
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