New Year; New You…Same Old Headache

New Year; New You…Same Old Headache

Well, this is it. We’re still alive, and we’ve reached a place not many thought we would…the end of the 2018.

I’ve had a very…interesting 2018. I’ve experienced many of my highest highs, and lowest lows in 2018; it’s been no smooth ride, I can tell you that. In fact; if I could described my 2018 in one word, it would be – headache.

That’s right; headache. Raising two kids under 7, trying to hold together, and eventually failing at, a dying marriage, turning 40 this year…alone. My year has felt like one big, roller coaster, with every dip, drop and loop imaginable. Stuff like that gives me motion sickness, and just thinking about it is bringing on an anxiety migraine.

That’s why you need to take of yourself in the new year. And nooooo! This isn’t going to be some corny, Eat, Pray, Love yourself in 2019 post you see all over the internet right now.

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