Women I Admire Day 27: Deva Dalporto, Queen of the Mom Parody #WomensHistoryMonth

When friends without children ask to describe what it’s like having kids (why you would ever ask this, I have no idea), I tell them, “Raising kids is very much like listening to the music on the radio today; it sucks!” Ok, it doesn’t just suck. Sometimes it can be fun, and who knows, after a while you might even grow to like it. Oh, and it’s really fun when you can make fun of it. Of course I’m talking about the music; the kids still suck.
If you spend even one minute on social media; and let’s face it, if you’re a red blooded human being, you’re on there most of your day like everyone else, you’ve seen at least one video doing a parody of a song you know. And most likely, it’s parents doing it – moms to be more specific.
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Women I Admire Day 26: Kristina Hammer, The Angrivated Poet #WomensHistoryMonth

Poetry is one of the aspect of the literary/writing world that I have never gotten the hang of. Shit, let’s be honest, I barely have a handle on writing as it is. But, during my time spent in the blogging world, I have met some writers that create some of the most beautiful poetry. So good that I would rather hear than recite a poem that just came up with, than a blog post they have been stewing on or a while. And that’s in no way a knock on their writing; their poetry is just that good.
Maybe my lack of poetic understanding is why life has always seemed so unfair to me. They say life is poetic, and I guess if I understood that more, or how to tap into that world I wouldn’t have such a harsh outlook on life. But then…then I think about some of the people I’ve become acquainted with over the last few years. The kind of people that you hear about the roller coaster that is their life; the struggles they’ve have lived, and then listen to their outlook on life, and you might find yourself thinking, This person is crazy! But, wasn’t the same said about many of the greats?
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Women I Admire Day 25: Daniella English, Rediscovering Herself #WomensHistoryMonth

One of the major pitfalls of getting married and having kids is the increased chances of losing ourselves; our individuality; what makes us unique. The struggle to reclaim that identity, or even the scary realization that you may have not had one to begin with, can be enough to drive a wedge in a marriage, or keep someone in a relationship when they are unhappy. But what if that relationship ends, and you now find yourself with no idea where to go next.
In the past, and maybe even now to a degree, it feels as if women are facing this more than men. While the number of stay at home dad is on the rise, as is traditional households where the woman is the primary source of income, it still seems like society looks at women as losing their identity within the family construct. Even if the woman is the primary bread winner, much of society will refer to Jane as Joe’s wife, instead of referring to them as equals. This kind of societal patriarchy can cause huge identity issues when a long-term relationships ends.
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Women I Admire Day 24: Stephanie Geise, Creator for Creators #WomensHistoryMonth

I bet it was really lonely being creative a long time ago. Very rarely do you ever read about groups of great creative minds hanging out with one another, sharing ideas, critiquing each other’s work, or generally being a support system for one another. And as far as teaching their tips and tricks to younger creators to hone their skills – forget about it. In fact, most creators that we read about from years past seem to be lonely, angry, and kind of all curmudgeonly and shit. Hell, half these mofos died alone, or spent their free time hacking off body parts for no good reason…I’m looking at you Van Gogh, you creepy-ass dude.
Thankfully that’s not how things are today. I ain’t got time to be slicing off no body parts for inspiration; healthcare what it is and all. Now, writers/bloggers have any number of conferences to choose from, where at each and every one they claim to be able to teach you how to be successful, but not necessarily how to find your tribe. So, what do you do if these conferences don’t work for you? Or, what if you find your tribe, but don’t feel like these group settings are giving you what you need, or what your tribe needs in order to succeed? Well, as the saying goes, if the door won’t open, then build your own door….or something like that. I don’t know, I don’t do inspirational shtick.
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Women I Admire Day 23: Brooke Takhar, Conquering Fear With Laughter #WomensHistoryMonth

Fear is a natural part of life for most people. Sure, some people have more fears than others; fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear of clowns…because FUCK CLOWNS!! Hell, when you become a parent your fears grow 3 sizes, like they’re the Grinch’s heart or something. But while most of the these fears can be fixed or subsided by realizing that everything is going to be okay, there’s one kind of fear that can literally stop you in your tracks; stunt your growth in a number of areas (personally, professionally, emotionally) – the fear of failure.
As a creative person, I know this fear well; most, if not all creative people do. Being creative is mix wanting to be seen, but afraid of not being good enough. But, what if we didn’t do that? What if we weren’t afraid to put ourselves out there, or be afraid of being judged? What if we just took a leap, and trusted in ourselves?
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Women I Admire Day 22: Harmony Hobbs, Loving Herself Enough to Change #WomensHistoryMonth

Change is hard. Especially when you don’t see a need to change, or when the action that needs to change is associated with having a good time; like drinking. By this point in all our lives, we all know someone, or you are that person, that has a little too much at a party and becomes the life of the party to some, or the annoying drunk to others. When we were young it was easy to laugh off these kinds of actions as someone just cutting loose. But now, as we’re older and supposedly more mature, these are the kind of action we identify with someone who needs help.
But what if there was another in that scenario who also needed help? A person who doesn’t get out of control or make a scene? A person who can keep it together and handle their alcohol, but unbeknownst to you, they using that alcohol to cope with life? How do we spot them? Well, just short of that person saying they need help, we can’t.
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Women I Admire Day 21: Misty Browne, Faith, Conviction and Love #WomensHistoryMonth

I don’t actually how to start this story. How do I tell the story of someone I admire, but also a person I know little to nothing about them? Will I be able to write that story? Will people even believe me, or with they think I’m just making it up or trying to fill space? Will anyone even read that story?
Sure, those are all things I could, and maybe still do, worry about, but the real question I have is, will I be able to do this story justice with what little I factually know? Will I be able to tell this person’s story to the level that they deserve? Will they even read it? I guess there’s only one way to find out.
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Women I Admire Day 20: Julie Nowell, Canadian Chicken Lady #WomensHistoryMonth

The blogging world has become saturated AF. It’s especially tough if you’re a writer trying to make any sort of a living off your blog. Brands know bloggers are out there scraping and clawing to get paid writing, which leads to tons of competition, which leads to companies being able to low ball writers. And the cycle continues on and on. If only there was someone out there who valued creators and saw them for their actual worth.
Enter the chicken lady. Ok, she has name and it’s Julie, but I still see her as the chicken lady. No joke, Julie has chickens…like as pets. How do I know this? Well, I was once on a video meeting with her and some other people, and she had a chicken…ON HER LAP! Like just chillin like it was a cat or something! So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, nothing, but I still think it’s important to point the chickens, and we’re gonna come back to this too.
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Women I Admire Day 19: Mama Mona, Dream Chaser #WomensHistoryMonth

The idea of family is something I’ve struggled with a lot in my life. The traditional definition obviously doesn’t work fro me, because let’s be honest, who would want to claim the childhood I had? But, while I’m a huge proponent of the idea that we can choose our family, that still leaves the struggle of parents, because we can’t choose our parents. But it doesn’t hurt to have substitutes.
I’ve been lucky enough to have several adult figures during my childhood that helped fill the void of loving and supportive parents at different stages. Whether it was my grandmother while I was growing up, or even now my aunt Lara, who is the kind of mother anyone would be lucky to have. One that has stuck with me for a long time is woman simply known as Mama Mona.
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Women I Admire Day 18: Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe, Defender #WomensHistoryMonth

I was recently a guest on a podcast, and I had an amazing time. It’s called Lose the Cape Podcast for Working Moms…because, when you think of working moms, you look no further than Mike at Papa Does Preach, lol. I have been talking about starting my own podcast, and who knows, maybe I can move into the working moms niche when I get up and running.
In all seriousness, the podcast is run by Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe and her co-host Aubrey Mathis. Alexa was awesome enough to invite me on as there first ever dad guest, to talk about topics ranging from the women’s march, the day without women movement, and women’s history month, because again, when you think women’s movement, you think of this guy right here.
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