The Funniest Dads I Saw on the Internet This Week 6/17/16 – Papa Does Preach

Yup, you might have noticed a little tweak in title this week. That’s because this week I’m only showcasing dads because…..Father’s Day, duh! And don’t let people lie to you either, dads are really funny.
Give your dad, husband, grandfather, whatever the real gift he wants this Father’s Day; laugh at his damn jokes, AND mean it when you do. We spend a lot of time trying to entertain you ingrates. Now…enjoy

#1 – My kid gets right to the point ~ Papa Does Preach

#2 – You reap what you sew my friend ~ Dad and Buried

#3 – Just what every dad wants; more work ~ Simon Holland
list#4 – Vacation with kids..isn’t that an oxymoron ~ The Glad Stork

#5 – Ain’t no life like the dad life ~ Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad

#6 – Don’t fall for their lies ~ @TheMichaelRock
#7 – Brace yourself, summer is coming ~ Lego Dad
#8 – It’s a wonder how the human race is still around ~ Lunchbox Dad
lunch#9 – Because it’s off the charts – @Cheeseboy22

#10 – Whoa, rejection hurts…even when it’s in nerd-speak ~ The Daddy Files

#11 – Check that off the list ~ The ParentNormal
bucket#12 – Quality time isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be ~ Puzzling Posts: A father’s passage through parenting.

#13 – Seriously….when ~ Rodney Lacroix – Author
#14 – One creature that will never become extinct ~ The Unfit Father 
#15 – Dad joke FOR THE WIN ~ Ask Your Dad

Did you see something funny on the good ole interwebs that made you laugh? Email me at to be considered for next week’s round up. And make sure to come join the craziness over on my Facebook page for more jokes and memes that you might not see here.
thatsmeMike is a parent, a writer, and life-long story teller. He always wanted to be an actor or stand-up comedian, but clearly he didn’t make enough poor life decisions to get there. He now makes his jokes on the internet. He’s made The Today Show’s List of Funniest Parents on Facebook, and is a contributor at Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Scary Mommy and BLUNTMoms. Join him here each Friday where he shares the things that made him laugh each week. And make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more of the funnies.


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  • June 17, 2016 at 8:56 am

    That cool about the Today show list when did that happen. We got a box being sent to you 3 a item for all of you to enjoy. Please us know what you guys need for the baby and when is the due date


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