The Funniest Stuff I Saw on the Internet This Week 5/13/16 – Papa Does Preach

Well, we’ve made it through another grueling week of work, bills, life, and worst of all, kids. So, if you’re anything like me, 1) I’m sorry, but more importantly, 2) you need a good laugh right now…and probably a drink or 5, but mostly a laugh.
So here are the the things that made me laugh this week…between bouts of sobbing because because, parenting:

#1 – Seriously, it struggle sometimes to decided which to use. ~ Papa Does Preach

#2 – I dare you to show me anything more awesome than a Scottish mother calling out Kanye West…I DARE YOU ~ Brittlestar

#3 – I mean…..WTF?!? ~ Jennifer Oradat, Writer and Editor

#4 – Whoops…sorry dude ~ Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington
forget#5 – Kale is the asshole of the food pyramid ~ Tova’s Blog – My Thoughts about stuff

#6 – I wish mine said such nice things to me ~ Emily Eastwood

#7 – This has “my wife” written all over it ~ est. 1975
life#8 – Her kid is as blind as mine is deaf ~ The Daily Rantings of an Angrivated Mom
blind#9 – I hear the sequel kind of stinks ~ HowToBeADad

#10 – See?!? We parents still work out ~ Dad And Buried
workout#11 – Minimal effort, maximum results. That’s my kind of parenting ~ Love Morning Wood

#12 – Fair enough ~ Exploding Unicorn 

#13 – This is what happens when you don’t follow the rules ~ Simon Holland

#14 – Saving middle-aged white dudes like me for decades now ~ The Glad Stork

#15 – Well, things are going to be interesting in about 6-8 hours ~ The Daddy Complex
lego#16 – Hire this man ~ Puzzling Posts: A father’s passage through parenting.
noDid you see something funny on the good ole interwebs that made you laugh? Email me at to be considered for next week’s round up. And make sure to come join the craziness over on my Facebook page for more jokes and memes that you might not see here.
thatsmeMike is a parent, a writer, and life-long story teller. He always wanted to be an actor or stand-up comedian, but clearly didn’t make enough poor life decisions to get there. He now makes his jokes on the internet. He’s made The Today Show’s List of Funniest Parents on Facebook, and is a contributor at Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Scary Mommy and BLUNTMoms. Join him here each Friday where he shares the things that made him laugh each week. And make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more of the funnies.


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