The Funniest Stuff I Saw on the Internet This Week 5/27/16 – Papa Does Preach

Friday is upon us once again. And after a long grueling week of work, dealing with whiny coworkers and jerk drivers; a long weekend with our equally whiny/jerk kids. So for all the parents out there hating life at their desks, and dreading going home, here is some funnies to get you through the day. You’re welcome!

#1 – And they don’t tip for shit ~ Papa Does Preach
1#2 – Dude, the struggle is real ~ Ramblin’ Mama
struggle#3 – Now THAT’S feeling the burn ~ Abe Yospe’s Comedy Page – Cheeseboy22
van#4 – They catch on quick, don’t they ~ Zoe vs. the Universe

#5 – Maybe just enter the witness protection program ~

#6 – Kids are always right…just ask them ~ Big Top Family
wrong#7 – Well, that escalated quickly ~ An Unfit Parent

#8 – Oh snap, he must know my kid too ~ Lego Dad
lego#9 ~ Kids “crush it” like a champ ~ Dad and Buried

#10 – These are the kind of responses I give my wife, and why she hates me ~ ChiMuzungu

#11 – You can’t teach this kind of dedication ~ Tipsy Tiaras
dedication#12 – Stick that OM right where the chakra don’t shine buddy ~ Foxy Wine Pocket
yoga#13 – And the winner is…~ Sarcastic Mommy
winner#14 – Enjoy the summer kid ~ beth loves cake, so

#15 – Don’t worry kid, I’m all full thanks ~ Ask Your Dad

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thatsmeMike is a parent, a writer, and life-long story teller. He always wanted to be an actor or stand-up comedian, but clearly he didn’t make enough poor life decisions to get there. He now makes his jokes on the internet. He’s made The Today Show’s List of Funniest Parents on Facebook, and is a contributor at Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Scary Mommy and BLUNTMoms. Join him here each Friday where he shares the things that made him laugh each week. And make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more of the funnies.


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