Too Busy To Think About Gifts? Check Out These 3 Life Saving Go-To Present Options

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t seem to have the best memory in the world; through no fault of your own, it can be difficult to remember birthdays, anniversaries and other significant events that require some form of gift giving. While you like to blame your foible on genetics, those people expecting a gift will blame it on your laziness, selfishness or lack of consideration. Before you do anything, you need to get on the phone with a reliable friend and family member and get them to reel off all of the birthdays you need to be remembering. Whack these in the calendar of your smartphone and set reminders with an adequate timescale in which to purchase a present.

This is half the battle. The fact that you are remembering these significant events is a good thing. Now you need to accompany your newfound consideration for others’ birthdays, christenings and bar mitzvahs with the ultimate gift. Don’t ever go generic – it looks lazy, and no one cares for a box of chocolates or flowers too much these days unless these are for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. That’s another date to put in the calendar!

So why do men have a tendency to ‘forget’ important dates? Some clever well qualified bods like scientists would actually argue that it is genetic. The way the brains of different genders are wired leads to a greater propensity to do (or not do) things well. Remembering is one of them. Also, some people – not limited to men – place greater importance on other aspects of birthdays. The celebration and memory making is often viewed as way more crucial than the gifts received. However, for many, receiving a gift shows thought and care from the present-giver. Read on to find out how you can turn from ugly forgetful duckling into beautiful supreme gift giving swan.

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While you might think that most people want a massive box to unwrap for their big day, nowadays people are more intrigued by the smaller looking gift. There’s nothing tinier than an envelope. The unassuming experiential voucher can be the most incredible present for someone who has plenty of material items.

Experience gifts are on trend because they provide the recipient with a lifelong memory. This memory will be one of happiness and they will look back on it fondly. Depending on who you are buying for, you could purchase an adrenaline inducing experience, or a calmer and more sedate learning experience. The variety is near endless and they range from tens of dollars into the thousands.

For the person in your life who is always up for an adventure and ready to jump out of a plane at a moment’s notice, a thrilling experience could be right up their street. How about a bungee jump, a skydive or a helicopter ride? These unique experiences aren’t the norm and are seen as special. For the more sedate experience, a cake decorating class might be apt or perhaps a six week life drawing course would be right up the recipient’s street. For the petrol head, a rally driving experience could be the stuff of dreams. For the person who adores nothing more than having fun, a night out at the comedy club could be perfect. Experiences make the perfect gifts for everyone.

Forget giving a huge box wrapped up in luxurious wrapping paper and a big fat bow. Be subtle and watch their face as they read about the experience you have gifted to them. You can find these sorts of gifts online, or even at the end of the aisles in grocery stores. As the knight said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, choose wisely.

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Parental Gifts

When we purchase anything for our parents we are a little more concerned about getting it right. These are the people that brought us up, gave us love and showered us with gifts throughout our childhood. Now that you are earning a living, they are expecting something worthwhile. Consider checking out the Mother’s Day Flower Shop for an extra special bouquet. These aren’t the flora you can pick up from the grocery store. These are handcrafted and expertly designed bunches of fauna for your nearest and dearest.

For your dad, consider something that he can get nostalgic about. Parents love to reminisce, so be a little soppy and sentimental. If you have siblings, consider teaming up, pooling financial resources and getting something really special. How about a trip to an old childhood haunt, or a short family vacation to a resort you used to frequent when you were younger? Parents love this sort of gift, so consider giving it.

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Gadgets And Gizmos

For the nerdy people in your life, or those millennials that can’t seem to tear their eyes away from any sort of screen, a gadget or gizmo might be in order. You can purchase online vouchers for video games if you aren’t sure of the specific sort of gift. Perhaps someone you know is into photography and could do with a filter for their camera. Or maybe you could gift them an old retro Holga camera so they can try their hand at something old school. Maybe a pal fancies trying their hand at networking their entire home, so you could give them an Amazon Echo or Hive thermostat to tinker with.

If all else fails, you can always resort to the humble voucher. Just make sure it’s for a shop that they like venturing into.

It can be difficult to equate monetary value with a gift and yet everyone does it. This is easier to overcome when you purchase an experience. However, if a voucher is something you’d consider you must spend the appropriate amount otherwise you can look cheap.

Buying gifts for other people can actually become addictive if you become a master of it. Seeing people’s smiles emerge as they open your present can be heartwarming. Use this guide to give your gift giving technique a much needed overhaul.


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