Trying My Patience

Wow, has been a while since I was able to actually sit down and write something.  It hasn’t been for lack of motivation either; which is usually my lame excuse for slacking.  But this lapse was actually because Ferris has become all-consuming, but more on that in a minute.  First, the fun stuff.
Ferris hit 5 months just a couple a weeks ago; on Father’s Day no less.  It was a pretty awesome weekend.  This was my first “official” Father’s Day.  I say official because last Father’s Day Ferris was about a month in the cooking process within the womb, and even though the Wife and others wished me a Happy Father’s Day, it just didn’t feel like I thought it should.  But this year’s did.
It was really cool to hold my son on Father’s Day and just kind of “be in the moment.”  I don’t always take the time to appreciate being a Dad simply because of getting bogged down by the day-to-day stuff, but it was pretty nice to be able to do that, even for one day.  We even took time to do some super-cheesy stuff ; the Wife bought Ferris and I matching shirt (for me) and a onesie (for Ferris).  They are super cheesy, but also super cute.
So, a quick catch-up before we get into how our son is working my last ever-loving nerve.  Ferris is clearly Frankie Laine fan, because he’s Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’….RAWHIDE!!!  Oops, sorry, got carried away there.

But seriously, this kid hated tummy-time for the longest time.  He’s still no fan, but the Wife and I noticed he wasn’t as fussy (a blessing in itself) during tummy-time sessions lately, and Ferris was pushing himself up pretty high.  During month 4 he started kind of rocking back and forth on his tummy, and swinging his leg a bit, but nothing “really” looked like it was going to happen any time soon.  Then about a week after hanging with another couple from our birth class, whose daughter is a week and a day older than Ferris, but probably a month more advanced (girls mature faster than boys anyway), the Wife and I were joking around saying, “Hey, look what your friend can already do.”  Ferris just looked at us with that disapproving look he always gives us.  It was clear Ferris was tired of being compared to his friend, so one day while he was in the middle of a thrilling tummy-time session he channeled his inner Stewart from Mad TV, squawked loudly as to say “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO,” and BANG, he rolled over.

He didn’t just roll over; he rolled over like he had been doing it for months now.  As the Wife and I cheered him on and fawned all over him, he maintained the disapproving look we have come to know all too well, yet this time there was a little something extra in the look, like he was saying, “I do what I want; when I want.  Stop comparing me to other babies, punks.”
Ferris is growing and evolving every day; it’s pretty awesome to watch.  But, there have been some new “tricks” if you will that are not so cool that Ferris has developed.
As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, Ferris was a horrible sleeper from Day 1.  In the first month to 6 weeks you could expect to be up every 2 hours or so to feed through the day and night, but Ferris would barely ever sleep through the day, which in turn made him super-fussy, and when he would wake up at night, it was a bear to put him back to sleep.  This made life pretty difficult for the Wife while she was home on maternity leave.  It was no picnic for me either.
Then, out of nowhere at about 3 and half months, Ferris just started sleeping straight through the night.  He was still very spotty with his naps, but again, it was like he had been sleeping this way the whole time.  The Wife and I were in 7th Heaven man.  It was great!  Things didn’t seem so stressful, Ferris seemed happier (for the most part), the Wife and I were getting awesome sleep and we were able to get things done around the house.  Hell, we were even able to start having some “couple time” like we used to pre-Ferris.  But then….everything, changed…..
Just before Ferris hit 5 months he started occasionally waking around 4:30am, but would go back down until his normal wake up time of 6am.  This was more annoying to the Wife than me, as I leave for work around 4am, but the Wife doesn’t have to wake up until 5:30am.  It wasn’t every day, but just enough to annoy the Wife.
Then, much like when he started sleeping through the night, out of nowhere Ferris regressed all the way back to when he was just weeks old.  This past week and a half, Ferris has been waking up anywhere from 5-7 times a night…and to add a cherry on top of that awesome sundae, he fusses and cries the entire time.  Where before the boy would pretty much go right back to sleep if he woke up in the middle of the night, now Ferris is wide awake, and not happy about it.  Join the club, bro!
I can only imagine this is how the Wife feels at work most days, because I know it’s how I feel after a night of dealing with Ferris

This has of course raised the stress level in our little home.  The Wife and I feel like we’re right back to where we started.  Ferris is not sleeping during the night, he’s fussy all the time, and naps…..forget about it.  All this is happening at a very inconvenient time as well.
The Wife and I are preparing to go on a little vacation to my home of San Diego, CA.  We are heading back to see friends and family; plus my bro is getting married and we are heading out for the wedding.  Of course we’re taking Ferris too so everyone can meet him.  But now with this new “no sleep” thing he’s doing, we’re slightly dreading the trip.  Not only is he not sleeping, but we’re going to mess with his internal clock as well.  Ugh…this has the potential to suck big time.
To make things even MORE challenging the Wife and I were in the midst of weaning Ferris off the swaddle.  Most people said we should just keeping swaddling him, and why mess with it.  The Wife and I figured he was sleeping so well, plus he barely fits in them anymore as it is.  Even when he was sleeping super well he would break out of them by the time we came in to get him in the morning.  We had got as far as swaddling him with one arm out all night….now he uses that damn arm, as not only a means to stay awake (swinging it wildly all over the place), but when I try and put him down he smacks and claws at my face, which let me tell you does not help our relationship any.
The Wife and I are trying to keep things in perspective.  Yes, we could be doing a better job, but this kid is so frustrating sometimes.  We know it’s not his fault…he’s a baby, and doesn’t get what’s going on.  I think the hardest part about all this sleep crap is that we got a taste of the good life, and now it’s gone.
Now I know how Ferris feels when we take the bottle out of his mouth and he screams as if we’ve just snatched away the only thing that makes him happy.  Maybe that’s what the Wife and I should do from now on when he wakes up in the middle of the night; just throw a fit.
Here’s to hoping he gets back to sleeping like a normal person….soon!!
Ain’t this the truth?!?


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  • June 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Oh man, that’s so rough. I was so jealous of you guys when I saw you last because he was sleeping through and F was still getting up multiple times a night. I’m so sorry to hear that he’s had a regression. Fingers crossed he snaps back out of it.


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