Use The Force to #RoarForChange

The best week of the year us upon us once again – Star Wars week, and today is the best day of that week. Why?!? Because it’s May 4th….get it? May the 4th be with you?!? Duh!

With the release of the new Solo stand-alone film just a short three weeks away, the excitement is building. And in honor of the beginning of the story of our favorite space smuggler, and his faithful Wookie friend, General Mills Cereal is launching their #RoarForChange campaign. 

Companies like General Mills Cereal, and Star Wars: Force for Change US, are the true embodiment of the light side of The Force in real life. From May 3rd to May 25th, General Mills Cereal wants you to do your best Wookie roar, and share it on line with the hashtag #RoarForChange. For every social share (ie Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), Star Wars: Force for Change US will donate $1 (up to $1 Million) to another great organization, UNICEF.

If by some chance you don’t know who UNICEF is – they’re are an organization that, “works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential. And we never give up. UNICEF for every child. UNICEF works to improve the policies and services that protect all children. We aim to make the world a safe and inclusive place for children to grow.”
General Mills Cereal, Star Wars: Force for Change US, and UNICEF are out there making the world better for our young Jedi. Check out the video made below for this campaign, and don’t forget to share your best Wookie roar with the #RoarForChange tag.


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