Women I Admire Day 1: My Wife #WomensHistoryMonth

My wife is the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m sure it’s no surprise I started with her on this monthly project I decided to do at the last minute. Of course, she’s the logical choice for my top spot.
Not just because she’s my wife, and because I love her, or because she’s the most amazing mom I’ve ever seen, but because she’d probably be the first person to laugh at me when I announced this project. Why? Well because it’s just like me to get a wild hair up my ass at the last second and jump head first into something I haven’t spent even one moment thinking about, or planning out. And she has to live with that every day; and somehow she still loves me.
It’s not just how my wife loves me that makes me admire her, it’s how she loves everyone else.

My wife is a highly educated woman. She has gone to, and graduated from two of the best colleges in this country, with a Masters in Latin American Studies. She has lived abroad, traveled the globe, participated in mission trips where she helped make life better for the people who lived where she visited. She’s also a business owner. That’s right my wife started her own business…twice actually. All of that, and that’s still not even the main reason I admire her.
Sure, my wife and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, like any relationship. Hell, I’ve even questioned even she still wants to be with me from time to time. But even after 11 years together, and 2 kids, she still amazes me.
As I said earlier, my wife cares so much about other people. It has always shown through the things she did for others growing up, to what she focused her education on in college, and to how she saved my life from years of loneliness and an depression, and showing me I had the strength to stand up to the abusers in my life, like my mom, and say, “No more!”
The business my wife recently started is a literal reflection of her care for others. My wife left a high paying job, that while she was great at it, it didn’t make her feel whole; she wasn’t happy anymore. And even though she was helping people in the HIV community, she felt her calling was somewhere else – somewhere more familiar to her.
She has since become a doula. Her mission now is to help expecting moms feel supported; everything she didn’t feel during her first pregnancy. Her business is all about showing women they deserve to be held up, supported, and listened to as they have their babies.
But she hasn’t stopped there. My wife has also made it her mission to help moms who are experiencing complications from postpartum depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness related to postpartum. Whether it’s attending conferences, organizing fundraising walks, or just offering herself as a friend to listen to another mom who needs support, she has done so much in short amount of time. And I know this is just the beginning for her.
I love my wife, and can honestly say, no matter what happens to us, or where we find ourselves in the future, she will always be my best friend, and she will forever be the MOST influential woman in my life. She inspires me every day, and I feel lucky to say she chose me as her husband.us


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