Women I Admire Day 12: Tara Wood, Writer #WomensHistoryMonth

It’s said that people come into your life fitting into 3 different categories; reason, season or forever. No matter where my friend Tara ends up falling, I’m already super thankful she’s there.
Like many of my online friends, Tara and I have never met. And, much like many of my online friends, Tara is downright hilarious. Tara is the writer and creator of the awesome blog Love Morning Wood. See, how can you not love someone who makes an in-your-face erection pun as her blog name.

While we’ve never met in person, or had an official face to face conversation, I’ve talked with Tara many times online, and she is everything I hope for in a conversation partner. She’s sweet, smart, funny, loves dropping a well placed F bomb, and can be completely, yet delightfully inappropriate…and I LOVE ALL OF IT.
So, why do I admire Tara…well those reasons are even better than her awesome inappropriate side. Tara is genuinely one of nicest people walking this planet. When the Wife and I were awaiting baby Skully, Tara sent the sweetest care package with a beautiful dress for Skully, a nice stuffed animal, because what kid doesn’t need a nice soft lovey? And she even sent some nice gifts for Ferris, because as she put it, “Big brothers deserve gifts too.”
But it’s not just the thoughtful gifts that make Tara awesome; those things are simply the cherry on top of the sweet sundae that is Tara Wood. As you’re probably aware, Tara has a great story that involves an elderly gentleman named Mr. Dan. The story of their chance meeting in a grocery store, and her daughter making a connection with this man caught fire last year, and made national news. If you don’t know the story – read below:

But the story didn’t end there. The post Tara made wasn’t meant to make her famous, or get her a ton of attention. This was simply a mom, who was proud of her daughter. Mr. Dan has become a member of Tara’s family now. Her and her daughter visit Mr. Dan on a weekly basis. She even continues to chronicle their visits with Mr. Dan.
During a time where it seems like society is doing it’s best to push apart, and make us afraid of each other, people like Tara are encouraging their children to embrace and befriend everyone, no matter their differences. And don’t be confused, despite their multi-generational difference in age, Norah and Mr. Dan are the best of friends.
I admire Tara for so many reason; for raising such awesome children, the fact that she has 7 kids and hasn’t gone completely ape shit crazy, the fact that she is so comfortable in her own skin, but most of all the love and care she shows everyone around her. Even though I have yet to meet Tara, I know it’s real. You can just tell when people truly care about other, and I can tell Tara is one of those people. Oh, and did I mention she gives great cooking tutorials?!? I mean, the best:

I feel lucky to know Tara, and even more lucky to call her my friend.

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