Women I Admire Day 20: Julie Nowell, Canadian Chicken Lady #WomensHistoryMonth

The blogging world has become saturated AF. It’s especially tough if you’re a writer trying to make any sort of a living off your blog. Brands know bloggers are out there scraping and clawing to get paid writing, which leads to tons of competition, which leads to companies being able to low ball writers. And the cycle continues on and on. If only there was someone out there who valued creators and saw them for their actual worth.
Enter the chicken lady. Ok, she has name and it’s Julie, but I still see her as the chicken lady. No joke, Julie has chickens…like as pets. How do I know this? Well, I was once on a video meeting with her and some other people, and she had a chicken…ON HER LAP! Like just chillin like it was a cat or something! So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, nothing, but I still think it’s important to point the chickens, and we’re gonna come back to this too.

Julie is the creator and head of 3C Consulting (wanna guess what the C stands for?). She is also the creator and owner of an awesome website called BluntMoms, which boasts a community of creators and contributors of well over 1,000 ladies, and a couple guys, like yours truly.
I got the opportunity to finally meet Julie face to face this past February in San Diego. We were both attending Dad 2.0, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pick her brain on how she had become so successful in the blogging world. Full disclosure, I was kind of working for her at the time on a campaign, and it never hurts to schmooze with the boss. So, that said, with a few rather large glasses of liquid courage in me, I started asking questions. But she just kept telling me, “Come to my class tomorrow. You’ll get all your answers there.” So I did.
In her hour long class I heard a pretty smart story about a woman, who has spent her entire working life in sales and marketing. A woman who has an innate gift to, as she say, “See where processes have holes in them, and I find a way to fill them.” And that’s what she did for blogging.
When she came across the blogging world in the early 2000s, she said she had never heard of a blog. But the more she got to know about them, and saw how people were using them to generate income, her marketing/sales mind kicked in and she set off to find the holes, and fill them.
She did this by creating BluntMoms and 3C Consulting. She loves bringing creators together in one space; pull in the costumer, and say, “See? I have all these talented writers under one roof, and we’re going to sell your product better than anyone else can.” And you know what…they/we do. And the costumers believe her, and that’s why they keep coming back.
But the thing I found most fascinating about her class,and the thing that cemented my already existing admiration for Julie, is when she explained how she uses the profits that come into 3C Consulting.
For every dollar Julie makes, she invest 50 cents of that dollar towards someone else. Basically it breaks down like this: Julie recognizes that there are a lot if things about running a business that she just doesn’t enjoy. She would rather focus on the things she’s really good at, and that she enjoys, and instead pay someone else to do the other things.  Her basic philosophy is, take less to make more. So, she hires other creators as consultants to work for her. And an added bit of awesome is that both BluntMoms and 3C Consulting, are staffed 100% by women. How awesome is that?
As a creator, it’s nice to know that there are companies like 3C Consulting, and people like Julie Nowell out there taking care of writers. People like Julie believe in the idea that creators should get paid what they’re worth. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve reached out to her and asked her advice on pitching a brand, and every time she tells me to aim higher, because I’m worth it.
And that’s why I admire Julie Nowell.

PS….she said she’s getting 4 of these this weekend. W…T…F?!?!

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