Women I Admire Day 9: Beth The Bourgeois Alien #WomensHistoryMonth

Melanie Trotsky from Beaverton, Oregon raised her son with wooden toys, no TV or video games, a vegan diet, and yet somehow her oldest son, Cole, still managed to become an enormous douche bag.
These were the first words I ever read from my friend Beth, and to say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I read on as she weaved this story of a douche bag hippie women, who raised her son in a douche bag elitist environment, only to be surprised he’s become a judgmental douche himself. Oh well, at least she has her Turkish worry beads to comfort her.

Needless to say, I was smitten this Queen of Snark. They say men are simple creatures and it’s the physical attributes of women that attracts us most, but, you show me lady with a level of sarcasm that borders on professional funny person, and can drop a nice burn at moments notice, then you will capture my heart. That’s why I was glad to see Beth had another talent that made a place I hate, actually enjoyable.
If you don’t already know, Beth is the queen laughs on Twitter. Her hilarious 142 characters or less zingers have landed her on many a list on the internet; Huffington Post, Funny or Die, Playboy Funniest Tweets of 2016, Berry, The Chive, Buzzfeed and Mashable, just to name a few. Her yuck-yucks have even got the eye of funny people like Seth MacFarlane, who now follows Beth.
Here are some examples of her hilarity on Twitter:

I admire Beth for so many reasons:
Her Comedy – While there are tons of funny people among the dumpster fire that twitter, for some reason, Beth’s voice feels unique. Even in 2017 there are plenty people/comics who swear women can’t be funny. They apparently haven’t me my friend Beth. Which is probably a good thing, because she would shred them.
Her Writer’s Voice – Her writing he is spot on and creative. She weaves a fantastic story that keeps you reading, and when the post is over, craving more.
Her Active Voice – A big reason why I admire Beth is that during 2016 (when I met her, on line that is) Beth was actively speaking up and speaking out online about the possibility, and now the reality of the current political environment. Even now, since Trump becoming President….(sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little)….she’s continued to use her platform to speak out.
I love meeting other creators, especially ones that I find incredibly talented, super funny, and  genuinely a nice person. And that describes Beth to a T.
This past week I found out I am going to be featured in a book with a bunch of other funny authors…including one Bourgeois Alien Beth. And she actually messaged me to say she was excited about being in the book with me. I was like, “Are you kidding me?!? You’re the super funny rock star from Mars.” But that’s how cool she is.
I’ll always remember some words of wisdom Beth imparted on me one day…”Stay woke fam!”
Make sure you check out her website for more of her hilarious writing, and don’t forget to find her on Facebook and Twitter, because everyone deserves a good laugh.

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