Valorant Agents Unveiled: Real Names, Ages, Powers!

Valorant Agents Unveiled: Real Names, Ages, Powers!

Hello, players! If you want to learn more about Valorant Agents Unveiled. We have some information that will blow your mind. Are you ready to learn everything about your favourite agents? We’ll tell you their real names and all about their amazing skills. It’s time to learn more about Valorants!

Valorant Agents Unveiled: Get to know the agents: their real names and ages

Have you ever thought about who wears those cool masks and high-tech gear in Valorant? The truth about who they really are is out!

Phoenix: A Character with Fire

  • Jacob Frye is his real name.
  • Age: 27
  • Phoenix, the spy who can control fire, is known as Jacob Frye when he’s not fighting. At 27, he’s taking things to a whole new level and making the competition hotter.

Jett: As High as You Want to Go

  • Name in real life: Jeong Hyeon-woo
  • Age: 19
  • My name is Jeong Hyeon-woo, and Jett is my alter ego. It’s hard to believe she’s only 19 years old, but her gymnastics skills make people gasp.

Omen: The Strange Shadow

  • Real Name: Not Known
  • Age: Not known
  • Omen, the mysterious figure who can move, doesn’t want people to know his real name or age. The mystery around this dark and elusive agent is made even more interesting by the riddle.

Valorant Agents Unveiled: Agents Around the World: Where They Come From

Agents from all over the world work together for Valorant. Let’s quickly go around the world and find out where these heroes are from!

The tactical commander is Brimstone.

  • United States is the country
  • Brimstone, the genius of strategy, stands for the United States of America. He makes sure that Team Valorant is always one step ahead with his military knowledge.

Sage: The Touch That Heals

  • China is the country
  • Sage, the support character who can heal, is proud to be from China. She is very helpful to any team because she knows a lot about old things and can heal people.

Raze: The Daredevil Who Explodes

  • Brazil is the country
  • The explosive and lively agent Raze brings the party vibes from Brazil. When she’s on your side, things are going to get crazy!

The Powers Are Unleashed: Super Skills

But now let’s talk about what really makes these spies super: their amazing skills!

Cypher’s Spycam: All Eyes On You

  • Cypher can watch the enemy at all times with his Spycam. It’s like having your own spy drone to get the upper hand on your enemies.

Finding Enemies with Sova’s Recon Bolt

  • The Recon Bolt from Sova changes the game. It shows you hidden enemies when you shoot it into the air, which changes the tide of the fight in your favour.

Viper’s Toxic Screen: Killer Barrier

  • Viper’s Toxic Screen makes a wall of poison that hurts anyone who walks through it. It’s the toughest thing that can stop you from controlling the fight.

Valorant Agents Unveiled: Ending It All

Now you know a little about how your favourite Valorant spies live. You now know what they are called and how strong their abilities are, so you can win the game if you check SLOT SERVER THAILAND firts. So get out there, make a smart choice about your agent, and start playing!